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Legions stood against us...they tried to make us pay...but we never faltered or fell...
We are coming...
Ravens guide our way.
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New version of a great gaming geek classic

Mass effect. :)

Edit: nah I was lying. I actually was listening divinity original sin theme. =/
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In honor of Tommy Ramone. RIP

The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated
Naomi Tamura - Yuzurenai Negai
Elysian Dust OST
Fischer-Z - "Red skies over Paradise"

And - somewhat unrelated but necessary nonetheless:
RIP, Tommy Ramone! And thank you for everything!
Alpharisc - Future Proof 1989

The smoothest 80s dreamwave. Teimmasheen!
Dynatron & Perturbator - Volcanic Machinery
Nightcrawler - Road Blaster (DYNATRON Remix)

The Flashbulb : Autumn Insomnia Session

Benn Jordan is no Venetian Snares or Squarepusher but the man can program some mean acoustic drums!!

Edit Bonus content, here is a drummer actually playing it :O
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Sellorekt/ LA Dreams - The Perfect Summer
I like this +1 :) Had a random 80's style synth fetish recently for some reason, from a couple of uk adverts and the title music in the wolf amog us
Goldroom - Embrace (PACIFICO Remix)
was listening to this too last night which isn't really 80's sythpoppy and I have no idea about what its from etc but I'm a sucker for fast arpeggios and it gave me that nostalgic feeling from games when I was wee :)