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Bourgeoisie - The Alphabet City Elite
Perturbator - Raining Steel
Perturbator - Vigilante 2084
Louis Prima - Just a gigolo
EA 80 - "Zweihundertzwei"
Perturbator - Savage Streets

Perturbator - Sexualizer (Feat. Flash Arnold)
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Lie to me by 12 Stones
The neighbour's telly...
Nightcrawler - Road Blaster (DYNATRON Remix)
Wumbaloo Remix: Toulouse by Nicky Romero.

Stating like this, because...

Nicky Romero: 119k hits, Wumbaloo: 14k hits in youtube - yet I could not bother listen to the end of the original after hearing the Wumbaloo version as soundtrack to a football video in youtube, as I was prepping up for the Worldcup!

Edit: oh, just noticed links seem to be posted here. The author dubs this as "Glitch Hop" just to give fair warning to those who hate electronic music.
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Sabbat - Possessed The Room

These japanese metalheads are fucking awesome. Black-thrash at its finest.
Power Glove - Sloan's Assault
Listening to the "Brazilian Soul (The Jazzy Joint )" station on Pandora.

A favorite when shrooming, but enjoyed now with poker.
Protector 101 - Chase Down Little Tokyo