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R.E.M. - Find The River
Darkstronaut - Space Satan Arcade
Stumbled over this great band Kabanos some time ago, though i don't know what the lyrics are about (i don't speak polish language at all), i absolutely love it!
Rophnan - Kenenise

Rophnan - Yesew Qine
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Seb - Rainbow Islands (Friends, Lovers & Family mix)
A 16 minutes compilation of three songs (sost means three in Amharic):
ሠው ነህ ይላል (romanised as Sew Neh Yilal) - You are human
ሠው ወይስ ሀገር? (Sew Weys Hager?) - Human or country?
ሠከላ (Sekela) - a district in Ethiopia's Amhara region; the sacred source of the Blue Nile is located in Sekela.

How about a dance?

Rome and Alan Averill
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I’m listening to my favorite song In the air tonight – Judith Hill. It’s the soundtrack from the series "Little fires everywhere". I just love this song. When I hear it, I immediately relax, disconnect from the outside world. I don't know how it works, before that no soundtrack from the movie or series affected me like that. Sometimes I want to watch this series again just because there is this song.
The Hawthorne Passage

The Mantle will turn 20 next year. As Sol Invictus used to say... Time flies, life passes.
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N.R.G. - I Need Your Love (like the sunshine) Original Mix
Kopecky - Talk To Me
Gat Decor - Passion (Do You Want It Right Now)
UK APACHI With SHY FX - Original Nuttah
Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
Maratone & Roxanne Emery - Learn To Fly (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix)

Maratone & Roxanne Emery - Learn To Fly (Original)
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Franz Ferdinand - This Fire