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Killigrew | Sense of Serenity

AK - Lovestory
Aljosha Konstanty, actually Josh from Kassel, Germany.
JakobFel: Ocean Machine: Biomech by Devin Townsend, considered by most people to be his best or one of his best. I believe everyone should hear it at least once.
No spotify account. No listen :(

AH. Found it on youtube. Like it :)
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Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)
Now listening to (and sometimes watching):
Legowelt Live at Intergalactic FM Festival 2021
D O J A C A T - Planet Her [FULL ALBUM] [with seamless transitions]

So far I'm liking it!
Cool. I do prefer the other side of that coin though:

Funkadelic - Atmosphere
1 Hour Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song
Human Tetris - Long Flight
Chip Heat by EX-LYD
Alora Crucible - Barriers Hymn
Go to Hell by GWAR
The Mad Capsule Markets - Systematic
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - "Next"

RIP Wes Madiko
Since I remembered The Wicker Man (1973), I had to go and listen to Agalloch - Summerisle Reprise
The White (originally released in 2008) was an epic EP, one of their best works. Sits right up there with The Mantle (2002) and Ashes Against The Grain (2006). The latter has some amazing pieces, with Not Unlike the Waves arguably their best song ever.
In the same vein, perhaps even more emotional, I highly recommend Black Lake Niðstång (2010, Marrow of the Spirit)
Agalloch's fifth and final studio album (The Serpent & the Sphere, 2014) gave another memorable tune:
Plateau of the Ages

Agalloch, over two decades of greatness. Happy to have witnessed their fantastic work live.