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I remember when I was at Śnieżka Side of Czech Republic one year ago I had subconsciously hearing and seeing female cosplayer of Nicole the Holo-Lynx she was purring to me. Would it be some sort of north american(american)-north asian(japanese )Tulpa or rather CIA american government CIA MKUltra program established since 1953? But I guess such considered so-called hoax,myth,urban legend,conspiracy theory might be true,real. Besides my mom was too paranoid in one of restaurants in Czech Republic. Both my dad my own biological parents thought that LEOTCK wanted to poison me because I stopped sending him money. I just only had enough of this ukrainian mafia of him being their own hostage as being kept that way. He sent me envelope of vanilla wafers and T-Shirt that was ripped off with large hole in it caused possibly,allegedly by Men in Black. He had dealt with them plus theoretically speaking of something like czech-dutch alternative of american Area 51. Military and government putted him in White Room Tortures. I was grounded by parents for a month. At one point when I went to the police my mom threatened me with Psychiatrist mental hospital. My younger brother thought that he went to psychiatrist.
Fun Boy Three & Bananarama - It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It
ELO -- Mr.Blue Sky
Deus Ex Area 51 with drums.
SoKo - We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
Male Chest To Female Breasts Transformation! MTF M2F HRT Transgender Subliminal
We Have Band - Oh!
Ahmed Malek - L'Empire Des Rêves (youtube)
Birds of a Feather - Fragments
Birds of a Feather - Fly Away
Camouflage - That Smiling Face
General Knas - Calling Out for Peace
*listening to this little number as I sort through old unchecked threads and replies*
(After the Fire-Der Kommissar...somehow it seems oddly apropos atm)
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I Can Do It With A Broken Heart mostly
Andromeda - Tavaszi sz​é​l (hungarian folk song)
The Buggles - I Am A Camera