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The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose to Give It (Boy 8-Bit Dub)
gldNeRaW - toronto
Ghost Master. Original soundtrack.
Mariusz Duda - Embracing The Unknown
Bon Jovi - Always
The sound of silence (not the song, but the real deal)...after a long day of machinery noise around me, nothing beats the sound of silence.
Happy Season 2 Soundtrack - ... Of Your Fake Dimension - Com Truise
Western Music
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Let's go Golden Axe - Wilderness covers:

Metal and Violin
Banjo-BagPipe-Guitar combo
Epic Orchestral
Torch Song - Don't Look Now (UK LP Version, 1984)
Heaven 17 - Let's All Make A Bomb
my sound life - re:construction
my sound life - ゆびさきの星
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The Buggles - Living In The Plastic Age
Crisis Force OST
System Shock 1 - Original Soundtrack

There is nothing quite like listening to the introductory track while remotely-administrating a server. It almost feels naughty. (^_^)