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Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat Soundtrack (MP3).
fusq - Perfume!
Avguchenko - Get Tired
[M3 2017] 753. x ABSOLUTE CASTAWAY - 祭果ての花 (Matsuri hate no hana) (The lyrics are morally disturbing to me but it's good enough musically that I listen to it occasionally anyways.)
Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat MIDI track pack.
A trip down memory lane, back to our teenage years:

Oh how so many of my friends messed up their lives.. instead of just making a certain type of website to earn their money. To think, I was the outcast, the fools.. but it is what it is. I get my money.

In any case, on with the music.. let's do this!



Next up, more classics:

No truer words were ever sang!
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Signalis - Train Ride
Black - Blue
Nothing, the absolute silence of being ignored.
Orbital - Optical Delusion
Cat Temper - Furio (full album)

"Synthwave with cattitude!" xD
i know i shouldn't be doing this but.. here ya go .. i'm doing it anyway...

i'm shuffling through my library, which I occasionally supply with new sources that seem appropriate. One of the last additions are from Oliver Shanti & Friends and one of the songs managed to pique my interest. It just happened to play just now and i figured (once again) Y not?!?!

Al Aftaal
A song about children (yea sorry m8)

Somehow a perfect background for entertaining the various theatres of war, often playing out on my screen.

Oliver Shanti & Friends - Seven Times Seven - Al Aftaal
Taishi - Imitation of Our History