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ZZ Top - Legs
Usually, I go with classic-vintage songs. But nowadays I changed my focus to soft metal and rap. Music helps me relax. Being a programmer in the [url=http://ai services]ai services[/url] space, it is always a fully packed day. But listening to music keeps me concentrated & complete the tasks easily.
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Roger Koeppel von der "Weltwoche" ueber den Zustand der deutschen Politik und Medien

German foreign minister: 'We are fighting a war against Russia'

"Die Ampel und ihre wertebasierte Doppelmoral bei Menschenrechten" • Zaklin Nastic MdB • 20.01.23

Americans Are WILDLY Misled About Ethiopia!
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Do you follow any serious news channel or is it all conspiracy nuts and Kremlin shills in your earphones?
Currently listening to Mark Galeottis podcast "In Moscow's Shadows" besides some tracks made by Pogo.
On hold muzak for almost 5 minutes now...
Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind - Opening
Stellardrone - A Moment Of Stillness
Just recently happened to have another look and saw that Anahata started adding more original songs over these past few years. They had a few great covers initially, was mentioning them when I stumbled into them, but maybe most of all the one for Tallulah released later. But after that they seemed to get weaker, maybe also because they had set themselves this schedule of releasing one every other week, and then making two versions as well, to keep their Patreon going I guess. So had stopped following them, but now I find that the handful of new originals are quite good actually, rather stuck on a couple... There's also one about Elden Ring, but mostly referring to Let the Solstice Reign (which seems to have been their first original song with vocals, and second in total, since that first one released four years earlier) and Midsummer Cairn.
Rammstein - Amerika (Official Video)

Team America - America, F*ck Yeah! (Lyrics)

Hugh Laurie's Song for America - A Bit of Fry and Laurie - BBC

Auf den Punkt: Die 15 Min. Stadt

Mainstream media ignores Twitter files exposing MSM lies

Twitterfiles: Jede Verschwoerungstheorie ist wahr geworden

Rammstein - Deutschland (Official Video)

Dreamhour - Medicines (Explicit)

The Last of Us - There May Be Trouble Ahead
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Michael Malice Brings Anarchy To The Jimmy Dore Show

Bill Gates Is Sh*tting On COVID Vaxx After Cashing In Stock!
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Yoko Kanno - Trace My Fears (feat. chelly)
Leben statt Ueberleben

Rammstein - Dicke Titten (Official Video)

30. Januar 1933 - Machtuebernahme Hitlers: "Fuehrer befiehl, wir folgen Dir..." | Helmut Ortner | NDS

HIStory: Mussolinis "Marsch" auf Rom
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"Science Community Betrayed Public Trust On COVID Purposely" - Says Newsweek
Habe viel zu viel erhofft, die Box schummelt, aber die Schiffe sind fein! Juhang® Infinite Universe

Zeitdokument: Die medizinischen Ungereimtheiten - Corona Komplex - Teil 1
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