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Night Glitter - Transparency (La Transparence)
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Top 20 lesser known YM2610 (Neo Geo, Arcade) OSTs:
Neo Turf Masters (NG)
Waku Waku 7 (NG)
Super Dodge Ball (NG)
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors (NG)
Last Resort (NG)
Super Baseball 2020 (NG)
Alpha Mission II (NG)
King of the Monsters 2 (NG)
Double Dragon (NG)
King of the Monsters (NG)
Over Top (NG)
Zed Blade (NG)
Ninja Master's (NG)
3 Count Bout (NG)
NAM-1975 (NG)
Blazing Star (NG, streaming?)
Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash (NG)
Viewpoint (NG)
Ragnagard/Shin-Oh-Ken (NG)
Fight Fever/Wang Jung Wang (NG)

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Joy Division - Atmosphere
Marina and the Diamonds - Froot
JD was way ahead of its time, rip Ian Curtis :(
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Welcome To My Dream (full album stream)
Vibrasphere - Breathing Place
Stella - Pourquoi Pas Moi?
grynn: JD was way ahead of its time, rip Ian Curtis :(
Great talent gone so young.

Danny Elfman and Trent Reznor - True
The sound of silence...quite literally.
Sometimes, I simply need a time-out from all the noise around me.
Artificial Brain - Labyrinth Constellation
Hazy moon and Looking for clues from Tokyo Xanadu on a constant loop... :)
Fisherman's Horizon from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy album.
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Little Sunrise (Sleeping Dogs OST)
Wang Chung - Hypnotise Me