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Japan - Quiet Life (full album)
NNHM - Education. Found 'em on bandcamp, insta-buy from their cold eyes video. Cabaret Voltaire-esk.
Imperator Rome soundtrack - The Punic Wars

PS This song and two others are still missing in the "complete" living soundtrack GOG is selling. They are listed on the store page, but the files are missing.
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Technic-Rennwagen zum Schnaeppchenpreis! Mork® Racer in pink und gruen

Mein neuer Favorit im Sortiment von LEGO®: 71741 Die Gaerten von Ninjago City
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Inside Egosoft Podcast #01 Multiverse Team Seasons
S.P.O.C.K - Assignment Earth

They're not human!
The Quake soundtrack on vinyl. Somehow for some reason, it was just sitting there at walmart today. I made it mine.
College & Electric Youth - A Real Hero
Kevin Smuts - My Octopus Teacher (soundtrack)
Summer is Fates Warning season for me, since I really started to get into them two summers ago. I've been particularly hooked on their first album with Ray Alder, No Exit.
Moonspell - An Erotic Alchemy
Martin Nonstatic - Granite - Distance B

HOME (Midwest Collective) - Odyssey (Vinly Edition) - On the Way Out

Voyager (Midwest Collective) - Intelestellar
Bebe Rexha
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This Morn' Omina - The Roots of Saraswati (ltd ed)

A great birthday present (1)!