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Vanished - Crystal Castles
Arkona - Zimushka
Kuchenschlachter: Arkona - Zimushka
I'm just about to play 1257AD mod for Warband, or Brytenwalda thanks to this song :) +1
Dark Center of the Universe - Modest Mouse
This song had been in my head for awhile ever since hearing it a few times at work and I spent days trying to find out the band and song name and finally came across this:

Foo Fighters- Everlong

I've been listening this song pretty frequently lately:

F.Y.I.- Girls Not Grey
Muse - Madness (Instrumental) and Karaoke Version
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Flim and the BB's - Tricycle
Squarepusher - Welcome to Europe

Fever Ray - Stranger Than Kindness

Among other things.
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Depeche Modes new album, Delta Machine
★ Best Vocal Trance Music of 2012 | (Part 1)
Pleiadian Friend (ambient / psychill / psybient mix)

Our Creators (ambient / psychill / psybient / dubstep / goa trance mix)
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I seldom listen to music but have songs stuck in my head most of the time. Now it's Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd webbers requiem.
The Duck Tales Theme Song
Intergalactic Path (ambient / psybient / psychill mix)