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Still rocking to Five Finger Death Punch.
The Song With No Point - Zipf
Echobelly - Give Her A Gun
Static-X Skinnyman
Adrian von Ziegler - Relaxing Celtic Music - Spring Charm
The gooses, ducks and parrots chatting while flying by near here.
50 mph winds and the crash of 18 foot waves.
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The voices in my head...
Pretty Cool ;D


I am hooked!
The Rolling Stones-Doom and Gloom
Double the Trouble! , An OverClocked Remix Album
Kendra Morris - Ride the Lightning (Metallica Cover).

Yes, she's a soul singer covering an iconic metal song.

It is awesome.
Amiga music: Wing Commander (opening & main theme combo)
Amiga music: Zool (loading & 'Rave' combo)