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Chinese Man - Shikantaza
Boku No Hero Academia's soundtrack.It's amazing.
Unreal Tournment 99 -- Mechanism 8
Brian Eno - Before and After Science (full album)
Space Invaders "Dreadnought" (Full Album) 2015 Psychedelic Space Rock
Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh out of this. The only thing I could think was "Hey, who castrated Byron Roberts ?"

Bal-Sagoth - Draconis Alionensis
Linkin Park Feat. Jay Z
INTROITUS - Dreamscape
Star One - Space Metal [Full Album]
Dark Sarah - Dance with The Dragon
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KenFM am Set: Valentin Falin in Moskau
Film Score - Captain Future - Symphonic Orchestra

Film Score - He-Man - Symphonic Orchestra
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Michal Pavlicek - Original War main menu theme
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Teodulija - Vilinska igra (Fairy dance)