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Haunting Ground OST - Precious Hewie

An eerie song, but also very relaxing. Reminiscent of a music box.
Evan K - Into The Light
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Emob78: To each his own. I prefer my action scenes set to polka music.

Weird Al - Hooked On Polkas
I think I'd rather gnaw off my own arm than watch weird al do anything. :p
Buffalo Killers - River Water
War. Never been so much fun. On the Amiga.

(sure beats the Halley Project, and [url=]Mortevielle)
Agalloch - Our Fortress is Burning... II - Bloodbirds
Epica's new album (most may not still be there in a while though) Basically out of curiosity, tend to have a listen or two when they release something, and that's it since the growly bits send me running.
Motorhead - Obama
John Carpenter - Night
John Carpenter - Utopian Facade
Ulver - Shadows of the Sun
Tron Legacy
I had coincidentally posted about Johnnie Mae and Detroit last time. :)

<i>The Showmen</i> have to <i>pay to the piper</i>

Chairmen of the Board (with General <span class="bold">John</span>son) - Chairmen of the Board - Come Together (1970)
Cover of The Beatles - Abbey Road - Come Together (1969)

Four Tops - Reach Out - If I Were a <span class="bold">Carpenter</span> (1967)

<span class="bold">John</span>nie Taylor - The <span class="bold">John</span>nie Taylor Philosophy Continues - I Could Never Be President (1969)

Diana Ross - <i>Mahogany</i> Soundtrack - <span class="bold">Theme</span> from Mahogany (Do You Know Where You're Going To) (1975)

The Trammps - The Legendary Zing Album - Hold Back the <span class="bold">Night</span> (1975)


The lost themes also got me thinking about these awesome [url=]blaxploitation themes so I had to get one more set in before the hurricane gets here. :)

Melvin Van Peebles with Earth, Wind, and Fire - Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song Soundtrack - Sweetback's <span class="bold">Theme</span> (1971) (film)

Isaac Hayes - <span class="bold">Theme</span> from The Men (Instrumental) (1972) [url=](t.v. series)[/url]
Joe Bataan - The Lost Sessions (New York, 1976) - <span class="bold">Theme</span> from The Men (2010)

Isaac Hayes - <i>Tough Guys</i> Soundtrack - Title <span class="bold">Theme</span> (Three Tough Guys) (1974) (film)

Marvin Gaye - <i>Trouble Man</i> Soundtrack - Trouble Man (<span class="bold">Theme</span>) (1972) [url=](film)[/url]

Bobby Womack &amp; Peace - <i>Across 110th Street</i> Soundtrack - Across 110th Street (<span class="bold">Theme</span>) (1972) (film); also [url=]Jackie Brown[/url] (1997)

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Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman