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Dessimu: Sarah Blasko - I Awake.
Gorgeous track :D - Thanks for sharing.

Can't find a YT link to the club mix, so, despite the fear of Catpower's wrath (<3), here's the Spotify link:

[url=http://spotify:track:6uQsVLwhPzXdz4c3lVGski] Awakening (club mix) - Jaytech[/url]
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Dozer - Big Sky Theory

And an extra something special, 'cause I love ya

Minus the Bear - Cold Company
Kyau &amp; Albert - About The Sun
Deo - Amon Tobin

Got that 4 AM, whiskey and awake 'til morning sort of vibe, if you know what I mean. It's a delicious track
Mind-blowing tunes are my business, and business is good ;)

Heatbeat - Roses Never Cry (Original Mix) . An absolute classic tune. This is the extended, original mix, but you normally hear it in it's 3 minute form, in the middle of a mix as it hits its zenith, or close to it, and that's where this track truly shines. Check out the Radio Mix for an idea of how this truly shapes up.

And while I'm going through classics, have this Leon Bolier - Creek. Another 4am madness track :D
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Jon &amp; Vangelis - The Friends of Mr. Cairo
All I Know - Karnivool
bad_fur_day1: Quake 3 Arena, games don't have soundtracks like that anymore. :D
I dunno man... This is pretty delicious

B0SC0: I dunno man... This is pretty delicious

omega64: I really liked the airport scene in MP3 due to that song.
Never played any of the games, but this soundtrack and the images I've seen of the previous games has made me want to. Might see if I can pick up the older games for the PS2
omega64: constant cutscenes. :P
Provided it's not Tomb Raider-esque, I'll be fine. First instance where I've turned off a game due to it making me feel that I was ruining the fun -.-
omega64: Define Tomb Raider-esque. :P

MP3 has moments where you shoot 3 people and it's on to the next cutscene.
Some of them are unskippable and give no indication aside from "still loading" when you try to skip.

At least it's not Metal Gear Solid 4?
QTEs left, right and centre, use once and never use again mechanics, cutscenes and directed camera intercuts with gameplay...

I got 2 hours in and just dropped it

How are the PC versions compared to console... worth a look or terrible ports?
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omega64: The PC versions are okay, not amazing but they're fine.

Well, you won't have the QTE problem with MP3, there are a lot of cutscenes but it's pretty clear when you're in one as they use a LOT of filters. :P
Filter-Galore :D. Sounds like a must-play, so I'll add it to... the list :D. Thanks for the reommendations guys!

Afrojack &amp; Laidback Luke - Move To The Sound (ft. Hawkboy)
Antimateria: I miss Bosc0s taste of music.
I'm here - Fear not :D

David Gravell - Stay Awake (Extended Mix)

Also, someone somewhere is trying to get me into cocaine... found both of these within the space of a few hours... Guess it helps me stay awake though XD

Kill The Noise &amp; Feed Me - I Do Coke (Ephwurd Remix)

Cocaine - Phantoms

Think this is right up your alley Jean-Michel Jarre - Exit (feat. E.S.) . Got a very Goa feel, without going full Goa...
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My man, Sied Van Riel,,keeping that dirty 2000s trance vibe you love alive in the 2010s -

Sied Van Riel - Sirenia

One of my favourite DJs, hope I get a chance to attend one of his shows!