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Some psychologist on talk radio. Background noise, really.
(A recording of) Late Junction. It's a late-night programme on BBC Radio 3 which deals with, well, assorted niche music. Lots of world music, some ethereal stuff, some mood stuff.
Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes
1960s American Radio, episode of Gunsmoke right now.
(The adverts/government announcements are hilarious)
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Recently stumbled across Parov Stelar - Catgroove, and I am hooked on the entire disc now. Catchy and fun stuff, and I find myself listening to this and his other tracks whenever I'm working out, cleaning house, etc.
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Sabaton - Back In Control.
This is so relaxing...

HomerSimpson: I'm an old so and so.
There are a few of us around here :)
as a mental preparation for my euro-horror weekend we're having

Goblin - Suspiria
TheCowSaysMoo: as a mental preparation for my euro-horror weekend we're having

Goblin - Suspiria
The only progressive band in Italy, indeed :-P
The latest episode of Three Moves Ahead, the official podcast of
Cerf, Matiska, Jaren - Beggin' You (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder
fatboy09: that album cover makes me sad
Good sir, can i ask why?