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One of the last free form non-commercial stations left in the U.S.

Could be anything...which is nice.

Testament - The formation of damnation
New Carpenter Brut in December!
Kingston Wall - Trilogy
The GEARCRACK Arena soundtrack. It's pretty good industrial rock, nothing amazing, but solid enough.
Kat's Song (Featuring Laura Ellis) from the Contrast soundtrack. This song is excellent, just excellent. Contrast had a lot of potential as a game and while I don't think the game reached it's potential, the soundtrack was completely fantastic.
Starforce - Omniversal Oscillations
Great album. Summer of 2085 has been my favorite Starforce track for a long while.
Arc Neon - Blood Sport 2092
Princess of China (Coldplay and Rhianna)
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Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks OST

Next one will be...Perfect Blue OST. Masterpiece Movie alongside with Grave of fireflies (Takahata Isao) and less mindblowing than Paprika (same director, late Kon Satoshi)
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Atomsko Skloniste - Bez Kaputa

Bit of old R'n'R.
Midnight Chaser - Lion's Choice
deep purple hush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1PNvopXjbg
Titãs - Fardado