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New features, local currency option, new payment methods, store credit, and an updated look for!

For almost six years now we strive to bring you not only the best in DRM-Free gaming, but also to give you the greatest experience possible. To that end we're always looking for ways to improve our site and service. Today, we're rolling out a vastly updated version of our store with an improved interface, sleek new look, and lots of handy new features. Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

Video: Welcome to the fresher, better!

First of all we are giving you more DRM-free content: movies! We are starting with 20 documentaries about internet and gaming culture but we aim high! You can find more on this in the appropriate newspost, so let's focus on the other features we're rolling out.

We wanted to give you more choice as to how you pay for things on Now it's up to you if you want to pay in US Dollars, or in the currency primarily used in your country, whether it's the Euro, Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, or Russian Roubles. That's four new currencies supported by for your convenience. Still - the choice is yours, so if you want to stick to US dollars, just switch to it - you find this option at the bottom of each page. To make buying things at an even more flexible process, we're introducing some new payment methods: Sofort, Giropay, Webmoney, and Yandex.

All this also means that users for whom the local currency pricing has been enabled will have an option to select one of two different prices for each game in our catalog. Of course, we stand by the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€, so a game with a $5.99 price tag will cost 4.49 Euro, 3.69 British Pounds, 6.49 Australian Dollars, and 219 Roubles respectively. $9.99 translates to 7.49 Euro, 5.99 Pounds Sterling, 10.89 Australian Dollars, and 359 Roubles. In a perfect world we would apply the same method of pricing to all of the games we offer. However, things are a little bit more complicated, and there are some games in our catalog that follow a different region-based pricing scheme. However, we wouldn't be if we didn't find a way to make right by the users who end up paying relatively more for such titles. Here's where the Fair Price Package comes in!

The Fair Price Package applies to all of the titles which we couldn't include in our standard pricing scheme. If you end up paying more for a game than its standard US Dollar price, we'll refund you the difference out of our own pocket. The refunded value will be added to your account in Store Credit in the currency of your purchase. That's right, no more gift codes, you'll be getting Store Credit that you can use to purchase anything on or partially pay for an item that's more expensive. More choice, ease of use, and less limitations!

Finally, the store has gotten itself a substantial visual revamp. We went for a fresh, mobile-friendly design that should make it even easier to find the games you want, notice the hot promos, and see what's new. The main page, catalog view, product pages, and checkout have been updated and also lay the groundwork for even more overhaul, coming within the next few months together with many of the GOG Galaxy features. We hope you like it!

PS. Unfortunately, we need to drop some titles from our classic catalog. In such cases, we always do our best to give you an advance warning and a last chance to purchase such games - preferably with a considerable discount. Check this news post to find out which titles are being removed from our catalog, when will it happen, and what parting discounts for them do we currently offer.
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straytald: Where's add to wishlist button?
Hopefully, as in the attached image here:

There's at least one person who can't see it, though:
I normally don't post here, except on the wishlist for new games, but after the new website look, I feel the need to. I will not say anything negative, since it won't change anything, but suffice to say I will deeply miss the original site layout.
Erich_Zann: "mobile-friendly design".

Yep, thought as much when I saw this ugly crap.
Luckily I don't give a fuck about graphics as long as the content is good.
Hahah +1.

"People couldn't possibly still be using an actual computer to view web pages" - said/thought by seemingly all web developers anymore.
jalister: Happy to see the warning of games about to be removed.
Sad to see games are being removed.

Happy to see DRM free movies.
Curious to see what movies will come along. I may even have some suggestions.

Happy to see GOG is always trying to improve.
Sad to see yet another interface suffer due to being mobile friendly.

It's hard to describe, but the new home page feels sterile and cluttered at the same time. It also no longer has the GOG signature look, and just seems to resemble so many other sites that are out there. Seeing it makes me think of the new ShackNews page, Windows 8 Modern UI, and walking into a BrandsMart, none of which I like. UI developers, computers and mobile devices are not the same thing, please stop treating them like they are. Even more puzzling is that GOG doesn't even sell mobile apps. I have browsed GOG on my phone, and I never had a problem with it. It's actually listed as the most frequented web site on my phone. I just tried it on my phone too. Please change it back.
gamefood: Give me back my avatar in the top bar!
Make this much too fat top bar smaller/thinner!
I admit to not being crazy about the redesign. And the above. And I also dislike mobile devs.
straytald: Where's add to wishlist button?
VanishedOne: Hopefully, as in the attached image here:

There's at least one person who can't see it, though:
Thanks, now i see that it was adblocked along with social media buttons, still it's an odd placement.
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Using the Internet Archives: Wayback Machine, I compared the old with the new. I like the old way much better.


1. Fair Price Package (although it doesn't affect me).

2. Replacing "Top sellers" with "Bestsellers" (I'm grasping at straws here).


1. Where is my Recommended?

2. Where is what's On Sale? (edit: They have fixed it.)

3. Where are the genres under each main heading, e.g., action, adventure, indie, racing, role-playing, shooter, sim, & strategy?

4. On the home page, games I own are slightly greyed out, but I prefer to see "owned" instead of a price. (edit: They have fixed it, but not the rest of my number 4.) On the game page it says owned but it's grey and easy to miss. Instead, in dark black letters is a price and "ADD TO CART". This is unconscionable. This is something I would have expected from Comcast, EA, or Ubisoft; not GOG! If you really want people to be able to buy a game twice (for another person perhaps), make it a way smaller "ADD TO CART" button in RED, not GREEN.

5. When I click on GAMES, in the MENU BAR, in order to see all games available; it's even harder to tell which games I own. (edit: They have fixed it.)

6. I don't remember the MENU BAR following me down the page. I don't like it. (edit: Apparently, it was always there but now it's way thicker. I still don't like it.)

7. Movies, Way to dilute your brand, "Good Old Games." I'd rather you spent your time on adding more games.

8. On the game page, going through the screenshots has been made unnecessarily complicated, and the image size has been reduced. Many of the older games had very poor resolution and reducing the image size is a way of masking it. I like to see what I'm buying, and I'll decide whether I can live with it on a large monitor. The old GOG way was far better.

9. On the game page, I used to be able to click on "read all reviews" and I could. I was able to read the reviews in its entirety. Now I have to click on "Read more" for every single review. This is my second edit and I'm getting tired. Go back to the old way.

10. Unbelievable. I can't go to 4 or 8 or 12 of 20 reviews, I have to do them in order. I liked to go to a random number of reviews (6 or 8 or so) to get an unbiased review. Now I can't. Sometimes, I would go to for a definitive answer; I, of course, can still do that. Has GOG sold it's soul to the highest bidder? I really hope not. This is my third edit. Go back to the old way.

11. Dates in reviews and sorting of reviews. They are both important.

12. Am I logged in or not. It's not obvious.

13. Where are the prices in the wishlist. (This is my fourth edit. Go back to the old way.)

14. I didn't realize it at first. The game boxes are gone. Bring them back.

15. Ewwww!!!!!!!!!! The "BEST SELLERS" and "ON SALE" have movies listed along with games. You have to click on more a few times, but it's a foot in the door. Please separate movies from games.

Whatever happened to "IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT"?

Over all, it's a step backward.

After thinking on the changes for a little bit, the one thing that I would like to see addressed quickly is ownership.
TELL ME ON EACH PAGE IN BLACK AND WHITE (NOT GREY) WHETHER I OWN THE GAME. Make it possible to buy the game twice, but make it difficult.

GOG has a history of listening to their customers (unlike Microsoft, for example). How about a survey about each of my points (and I'm sure there are others that have been uncovered)?
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Why is it that whenever "UI designers" feel the need to change things they invariably seem to make things worse? The new design is more cluttered, more difficult to pull information out of at a glance, and from what I've been able to tell so far has reduced functionality. Combined with the announcement of the games being pulled from the catalog this whole thing strikes me as a Farnsworth-esque "Good news everyone!"
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Dear GOG,

Please give us the old layout back and add some colour to the grey hued pages, it's giving me a depression looking at it. Also screw mobiles.
At least the Community WIshlist has its old colouring. Perhaps it'll turn grey when it leaves beta. :-P
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I was gonna say that the site doesn't actually look bad bad, but after looking around some more, it's reminding me a ton of Windows 8. Not a good thing to me.
Deltafunction: 6. I don't remember the MENU BAR following me down the page. I don't like it.
It actually did. They switched to a fixed nave a couple of years back, which wasn't universally appreciated. You may have just noticed because you were checking out things, but it's not a new thing.

**It's also way bigger now. I think the nav could use some slimming down. It's probably bigger trying to be touch friendly, but it's a bit oversized on PC.
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To anyone who's received store credit: is there anywhere on the site that tells you how much credit you have left?
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I thought about it for a while, and the more I think about all that is going on, the more worried I get. I know I will sound like the "get off my lawn!" old guy (and I;m not even old), but all the new stuff is just making my skin crawl recently. And when the PR announces something as "Newer and better" it almost always means "not nearly as good, but will hopefully generate sum buzz".

First we have the "gog galaxy thing" (optional I know, but bear with me), now we get the "mobile friendly" design and movies... it feels like GOG is grasping at straws to appeal to some vague "cool, hip, newer audience" instead of just being the GOG everyone loved, the store with DRM free games- no nonsense, just games. (what? people use PC's to acces a PC games distributor? nonsense! make it mobile! and add some facebooks and twitties to it! thats what kids like, yes?) It used to be simple, one price, no DRM, no bullshit. Why mess with that? It WORKED. WORKED for customers, WORKED for Indies, and must have worked for other publishers too, since it's now with the big change that we lose over 30 games from the catalogue.

I cannot wrap my head around why was there no discussion to gather feedback beforehand, no survey among the users? That just elevates my distrust towards the changes. If everything was hunky-dory the big change would have been announced way before, not just dumped on everyone out of the blue. It smells of "we know this sucks, so we're not giving you any time to react, and we hope you'll just get over it".

I'm not saying I'm leaving GOG, not even close yet, but it feels more and more like I'm staying here because there is no good DRM-free alternative, not because I like it so much here.

I was always very impressed with how fair GOG was, and willing to listen to the users. So I hope at least some of the changes will be reversed, or somehow corrected.
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My thoughts:

- The front page. Perhaps some coloration or borders to help differentiate columns/rows. This is a weakness of the tiled design. You think (looking at one piece or a single row) that it will be simple and elegant. But when put together it overwhelms the eye. Elements lack separation and clarity.

- Wishlist. Still the cork board and tattered paper background? It didn't really fit in with your previous Leopard-esque design and it really doesn't fit in with this new W8/iOS7 Fusion. Also the pricing column was genuinely useful.

- Floating topbar. A little too thick for my tastes. Also in doing so, if you kept the GOG logo close to the same size, it would help emphasize it more. He looks a little meek up there right now.

- Gamepages. There is no banner for the title anymore. Now we have floating text on a heavily faded image. To my eyes that lends an air of unimportance.

Also we're missing a clear and bold statement as to wether a game is already owned or on my wishlist. Took me a second to notice "owned" in faded text beneath the "buy item" text. Took me significantly longer to see "wishlisted"/add to "wishlist" in last place in the row of social media buttons.

Overall I'm a bit sad to see the old design gone. I thought it was very well done. But of course, nothing lasts forever. So hopefully we can all try to stay positive and help shape the design into what we want/need it to be.