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New features, local currency option, new payment methods, store credit, and an updated look for!

For almost six years now we strive to bring you not only the best in DRM-Free gaming, but also to give you the greatest experience possible. To that end we're always looking for ways to improve our site and service. Today, we're rolling out a vastly updated version of our store with an improved interface, sleek new look, and lots of handy new features. Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

Video: Welcome to the fresher, better!

First of all we are giving you more DRM-free content: movies! We are starting with 20 documentaries about internet and gaming culture but we aim high! You can find more on this in the appropriate newspost, so let's focus on the other features we're rolling out.

We wanted to give you more choice as to how you pay for things on Now it's up to you if you want to pay in US Dollars, or in the currency primarily used in your country, whether it's the Euro, Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, or Russian Roubles. That's four new currencies supported by for your convenience. Still - the choice is yours, so if you want to stick to US dollars, just switch to it - you find this option at the bottom of each page. To make buying things at an even more flexible process, we're introducing some new payment methods: Sofort, Giropay, Webmoney, and Yandex.

All this also means that users for whom the local currency pricing has been enabled will have an option to select one of two different prices for each game in our catalog. Of course, we stand by the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€, so a game with a $5.99 price tag will cost 4.49 Euro, 3.69 British Pounds, 6.49 Australian Dollars, and 219 Roubles respectively. $9.99 translates to 7.49 Euro, 5.99 Pounds Sterling, 10.89 Australian Dollars, and 359 Roubles. In a perfect world we would apply the same method of pricing to all of the games we offer. However, things are a little bit more complicated, and there are some games in our catalog that follow a different region-based pricing scheme. However, we wouldn't be if we didn't find a way to make right by the users who end up paying relatively more for such titles. Here's where the Fair Price Package comes in!

The Fair Price Package applies to all of the titles which we couldn't include in our standard pricing scheme. If you end up paying more for a game than its standard US Dollar price, we'll refund you the difference out of our own pocket. The refunded value will be added to your account in Store Credit in the currency of your purchase. That's right, no more gift codes, you'll be getting Store Credit that you can use to purchase anything on or partially pay for an item that's more expensive. More choice, ease of use, and less limitations!

Finally, the store has gotten itself a substantial visual revamp. We went for a fresh, mobile-friendly design that should make it even easier to find the games you want, notice the hot promos, and see what's new. The main page, catalog view, product pages, and checkout have been updated and also lay the groundwork for even more overhaul, coming within the next few months together with many of the GOG Galaxy features. We hope you like it!

PS. Unfortunately, we need to drop some titles from our classic catalog. In such cases, we always do our best to give you an advance warning and a last chance to purchase such games - preferably with a considerable discount. Check this news post to find out which titles are being removed from our catalog, when will it happen, and what parting discounts for them do we currently offer.
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Well, it´s fine that they decided to change some things but they have some silent strange change. In the past, when i was gifted with a game a mail arrived with the gift order info. Now, there´s not any confirmation mail if you are gifted with a game and used it in your account.
Change for the sake of change seems silly to me when it results in the removal of games. GoG is successful because it sells (mostly) old games at a fair price and DRM free. I check the site today to see 35 games removed and regional prices. The site itself looks like the colours have been washed-out.
high rated
I know that every website redesign brings a lot of criticism, but seriously... the new design makes me physically sick. I'm not kidding. Maybe it's because all the shades of gray blending together? The old website was so much better, not only in terms of design but overall it was way more pleasant to browse.. The new one simply throws me away.
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I am not used to send negative messages but this change has only negative impact for me :
- I don't like the flat and colourless trend you fell into
- i don't like this too large grey bar on top
- I don't find the prices anymore in my wishlist.
Uglier, less features (for me)

You should have tested it before !
And why didn't you propose the 2 versions ? (keeping the new code but letting layout choice)

This is not what we are used to with GoG motto
I don't agree about the greyness as the actual content provides plenty of colour, but everything being so big and bloated makes it feel more like the site is selling poor quality shovelware mobile phone games, the "free to play but impossible to enjoy without microtransactions to speed things up" kind. The real crime is that everything is bottom of the barrel straight out of design school hipster template. The old design was not a "good" website, but it really got you in the mood to buy cheap PC games by having character and a sense of individuality.

It really does not feel like an in-house project with the GOG spirit. It feels like an outside "expert" is going through the motions recreating the mantra beaten into him in design class.
The good:
-Website now looks presentable on mobile. Not very many care about this yet, but it's all worth noting.

The bad:
-Bizarrely for what GOG sells, the website is not as presentable on the 1024x768 screen of the much older computer I use for most of my GOG purchases. The top bar is majorly cutoff.
-Color scheme now reminds me a little of deviantArt with less green, personally I don't see this as an improvement by any stretch.
-The layout is a little confusing to me at first, but I'm already getting used to it.
-I enjoyed the game pages of the older site a whole not more in general.
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Well,well...imho, this new design nicely shows the difference between theoretical and practical UI design. E.g. theoretical design still has to learn that 2 clicks instead of 1 is bad in terms of usability as is e.g. having a field that pops down/up on a click instead of having the field itself visible on the page ready for input. The word "search", btw., seems almost as long as the field itself was up to now. Ditto for sacrificing functionality for the sake of beauty like mixing videos and still pictures on the game detail page or the new review design.

I suggest that now that you designed a website acc. to a specific UI design you now go out and upgrade the site to follow practical usage tips. Simple things like no click is better than 1 and 1 is better than 2. Adjust it to the lowest common denominator so people with bad eye sight still find the games they own in the list, etc. Using colour strategically is not a crime and can actually help in visually keeping things apart. Too much "sameness" as can be seen on the current (new) home page can be more confusing even if it is designed acc. to strict guidelines (which this one seems to be). Last I looked, was not trying to be an artistic master piece but to get information across in a clear way and have people buy their preferred games (and now movies) in an efficient manner.

Doing that while keeping the good points of the current (new) site may actually end up in a really good and useful and user friendly site :) Until then I suggest you compare the logs and find out how much quicker most people will leave the site now in comparison to e.g. Yesterday :)

I actually prefer the mobile version to the current PC version of the web site and I normally hate horizontal scrolling with a passion :)
I can't see the user reviews sorted by date.

Has that feature been eliminated?? am I doing something wrong??
ChristerDoo: HAAAAAAAAAAATE the 'new and improved' GOG... which now must stand for Grey On Grey....

Bottom line - you need to bring back the old site for desktop users and offer the new crippled, ugly version for mobile users. Nuff said.
jalister: No, I don't want the ugly version on my mobile device either. I still say roll the entire site back to Tuesday.
Ha ha... I agree wholeheartedly - just roll back entirely and throw this new mess where the sun doesn't shine. :))
i miss the green.
Projectsonic: The good:
-Website now looks presentable on mobile. Not very many care about this yet, but it's all worth noting.
I actually dislike the way the site looks on mobile now, a lot.
phandom: I have a problem with my gifts. Some have dissappeared and one that was redeemed (earlier today) looks unredeemed.....
The new look puzzles me. I dislike the tile system in general......

One thing that makes me happy is that pressing "back" on chrome now updates the previous page with the posts I've read. Cool!
I would like to thank the GOG team for solving the above gift problem in less than 24 hours!!!
I was kind of worried but everything is in its place now!

I also want to mention what a HUGE onvenience is the option to pay in € !!!
Especially for me, because I had certain problems with my bank when buying in $......
jalister: For me it's the opposite. It seems slower to me, and I feel I'm clicking more to see what I want to see. I also tried the site on my phone this morning, which I do every weekday morning, and the experience was worse than before.
Gosh, that is awful. I tend to avoid using GOG on my iphone, because it's a total PITA. Apparently, it seems like it just went right downhill.
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Awesome!! But pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee bring back the the old GOG's green logo back!!!!