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New features, local currency option, new payment methods, store credit, and an updated look for!

For almost six years now we strive to bring you not only the best in DRM-Free gaming, but also to give you the greatest experience possible. To that end we're always looking for ways to improve our site and service. Today, we're rolling out a vastly updated version of our store with an improved interface, sleek new look, and lots of handy new features. Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

Video: Welcome to the fresher, better!

First of all we are giving you more DRM-free content: movies! We are starting with 20 documentaries about internet and gaming culture but we aim high! You can find more on this in the appropriate newspost, so let's focus on the other features we're rolling out.

We wanted to give you more choice as to how you pay for things on Now it's up to you if you want to pay in US Dollars, or in the currency primarily used in your country, whether it's the Euro, Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, or Russian Roubles. That's four new currencies supported by for your convenience. Still - the choice is yours, so if you want to stick to US dollars, just switch to it - you find this option at the bottom of each page. To make buying things at an even more flexible process, we're introducing some new payment methods: Sofort, Giropay, Webmoney, and Yandex.

All this also means that users for whom the local currency pricing has been enabled will have an option to select one of two different prices for each game in our catalog. Of course, we stand by the simple truth that $1 does not equal 1€, so a game with a $5.99 price tag will cost 4.49 Euro, 3.69 British Pounds, 6.49 Australian Dollars, and 219 Roubles respectively. $9.99 translates to 7.49 Euro, 5.99 Pounds Sterling, 10.89 Australian Dollars, and 359 Roubles. In a perfect world we would apply the same method of pricing to all of the games we offer. However, things are a little bit more complicated, and there are some games in our catalog that follow a different region-based pricing scheme. However, we wouldn't be if we didn't find a way to make right by the users who end up paying relatively more for such titles. Here's where the Fair Price Package comes in!

The Fair Price Package applies to all of the titles which we couldn't include in our standard pricing scheme. If you end up paying more for a game than its standard US Dollar price, we'll refund you the difference out of our own pocket. The refunded value will be added to your account in Store Credit in the currency of your purchase. That's right, no more gift codes, you'll be getting Store Credit that you can use to purchase anything on or partially pay for an item that's more expensive. More choice, ease of use, and less limitations!

Finally, the store has gotten itself a substantial visual revamp. We went for a fresh, mobile-friendly design that should make it even easier to find the games you want, notice the hot promos, and see what's new. The main page, catalog view, product pages, and checkout have been updated and also lay the groundwork for even more overhaul, coming within the next few months together with many of the GOG Galaxy features. We hope you like it!

PS. Unfortunately, we need to drop some titles from our classic catalog. In such cases, we always do our best to give you an advance warning and a last chance to purchase such games - preferably with a considerable discount. Check this news post to find out which titles are being removed from our catalog, when will it happen, and what parting discounts for them do we currently offer.
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Hmm, not the worst redesign I've seem. Just wish it was flushly colored with the forum choice. Because I'm using dark, and the bar is insanely bright compared to the cool grays/greys of the forum theme.

As far as redesigns go, I'm not quite sure what I think, but I'm leaning positive, as I can still find what I'm looking for, but the highlight is so subtle that it makes conveyance a little hard.

It certainly isn't tacky horror like deviantArt, but as always, I'm going to suggest a dark theme.

...Still, the main page could stand to be less of a mess, and now that others mention it, where's your colorful logo?
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Lobsang1979: Front page is too busy and image heavy, to the extent that my eyes don't know where to be drawn. The 'Headines' section actually makes me not want to read any of them due to the truncated text in comparison to the massive images.

The general design language is obviously 'mobile friendly', and as such just looks bland on a computer monitor. I am completely ambivalent towards the inclusion of movies, but maybe someone will like them.

On the plus side, the site feels a little more responsive now.
But than again its not the worst "mobile friendly" interface in the web right now. Forbes is the WORST. I can barely comprehend it when I visit the site on a desktop its so tablet oriented it alienates PC users:

(Note that I am just posting a random aritcle on Forbes, I am referring to the design of the website, not what the article is saying)
bernstein82: the ugly
- why can i no longer i see if i already bought a game? (in all the views)
Coelocanth: You can, but it isn't obvious. Games listed on the front page are in black lettering if you don't own them, grey lettering if you do. If you go to the game page it says 'Owned' under 'Buy Item'. If you're not seeing that, then it's probably just a temporary glitch.
ouch, yes it's not obvious... thanks.

for everyon that wants to see the unowned stuff : add the following userstyle :
@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") { { display: none !important; }
No point in talking about the broken search and the lack of prices on my wishlist anymore.
It looks cleaner, but in someway more confusing... I dont know, I have mixed feelings about the design. Looks cleaner, but looks "worse" , uglier...

I also miss my avatar on the right top of the website, telling me if I am "logged" , the "you own this game" label has also dissapeared. Frankly speaking sometimes I forget how many games I have...

By the way change the front cover is not exactly what we the community need, we need a better forum, better ways to manage our game collections, to share some content...

And the worse thing is need to say good bye to some great games.
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The Support page appears to be having a literal spaz attack at the moment.
ne_zavarj: Why i always associate the grey colour with Steam instead of GOG ?
It's not just the color. The game pages feel more "steamy" now too, with all the wasted space.
IAmSinistar: The Support page appears to be having a literal spaz attack at the moment.
And automatic video playing on game card. Hmph.
Congratulations GOG! The new website looks brilliant, even though I think that the new GOG logo is a little to anaemic for my liking. Navigating the site has not become more burdensome, which is unfortunately not self understood these days! So well done to you! Oh, and thank you for standing up for fair pricing! GOG, you are my number one store when it comes to game purchases and not just from today! If I ever find myself in Warsaw I take you out for a beer, that's a promise!
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IAmSinistar: The Support page appears to be having a literal spaz attack at the moment.

doesn't seem to be doing that on me, for some reason.
Yeah I don't get the new color scheme either. I liked the old green/gray color scheme better since it was unique.
I have to agree about the old logo - it is a bit more lively.
Beroga: New payment options (hopefully PLN will come some day) are really cool, but the new layout is terrible. It's bland, monotone, hard to read and in no way "fresh and mobile-friendly". What was wrong with green and yellow logo? Those were your trademark colours, now you're dark grey and grey like some other Internet game store (nudge nudge, wink wink).
Steam is going blue.
Please make the static bar at the top about half as tall (at least)

And the Whats New Banner is... not friendly, it's mean... way too big and way to mean. Mostly Big, but still a bit mean.

And.. way too much white space, just... way too much.

Also kinda miss the Year and Description of the title being on the top of each page, had to search for it amongst all the 'white space'.

Switching around the Games/News seems.. strange, like there was no point to it other than to be different, or to have more of a focus on news than on games? Which seems a bit odd.

Otherwise, it's not too bad if change had to happen. It's just kinda a shame it's a "me too" design instead of something original.