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Get the full trilogy with a 66% discount or each game for 40% off!

Did you guys take your Dramamine this morning? Looks like you might need it soon: the beloved Descent trilogy is back and it's going to spin you right round right round.

Indeed, after disappearing into the darkness for a while, the series that pioneered six degrees of freedom shooting now finally re-emerges on If for whatever unfortunate reason you are not already acquainted with their ground-breaking 3D brilliance, now is your chance to redeem yourself before anyone finds out: get the entire trilogy in a Pack with a 66% discount or just buy Descent, Descent II and Descent 3 individually for -40% each.

This offer lasts until November 26, 11PM UTC.
Always nice to see removed games returning.
The first link is a "oh noes" link,and doesn't work ;).Welcome back Descent.Many new GOGlings will be happy about it.Cheers
Great to see them back.
JMich: Always nice to see removed games returning.
I second this. A return to DRM free is always a win.
Welcome back!
Welcome back !
These games where my first purchase here, glad to see you back Descent.
Who knows that Descent would have began a DRM free obsession in me.
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Publisher: Interplay

Did they finally patch it up with Parallax?
those games always made me motion sick
Yay! So glad to see these great space flight games return to Gog. They've now been re-added to my Flight Sim GogMix. :D
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Great to have these games back

Now Duke Nukem needs to come back next :)
high rated
tinyE: those games always made me motion sick
I never had any problems but Descent was the first one zthat actually made me dizzy back in the days. Up was down and down was up it was sooooo amazing.

Glad to see them back on GOG. but imo apehater is correct. I also do remember D1+D2 being sold as a package before. Maybe the seperation is part of the reason why the games are back? Not sure what I should think about that because basically publishers should be glad they even still are able to make money with such old games thanks to guys like here on GOG, so if they decided they need even more money... don't know....
apehater: so now you're selling d1 and d2 individuallly!!!!!!!!!!

f*cking greedy bastards!
Holly sh*t! I just checked the bundle and you are right! o_O