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Get ready for 3 exciting strategy games that are coming soon to GOG.COM:

Alliance of the Sacred Suns
Falling Frontier
Terra Invicta

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mqstout: So, yeah, I wishlisted all 5 of the titles from this publisher I've never heard of before. (Though previously had heard of Old World itself because of Mohawk.)
Thank you, the wishlists are very much appreciated!

victorchopin: Again, glad to read that coming from a veteran in the strategy genre. I had my Paradox/Slitherine/Stardock et al (love most of their games) share in the past decade when it came to strategy and currently looking elsewhere... and gosh your titles look so appealing, damn ;)
Again sorry for the wall of text here but it's all genuine so good riddance @ hoodedhorse! Will grab these games for sure. Have a good one! Cheers!
That's high praise, I'm honored to hear you're so excited about our games!

BTW, here's the latest Falling Frontier trailer on GOG's YouTube channel, if anyone would like to check it out:
Falling Frontier - Sol Trailer