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My bad, I didn't see the sentence on the game page of GRIP:

Compete with friends in SPLIT-SCREEN multiplayer, with up to four players.

Nice, very nice!
JarJarRIP: GOG doesn’t give a shit about the community nowadays.
Unfortunately, you're right.

The GOG staff members now only show up when someone talks about politics and things related to it, but when it comes to the problems of their store (such as THIS ONE or the problem I described in my previous post above), they are blind, deaf and dumb.
DerBesserwisser: As always it depends: I "grew up" with the emerging RTS-Genre: Dune 2, C&C, Warcraft, etc. and at first I did not like it. No base building, you don't have time to slow down, and even if you made everything right, there is always a chance, that a ki-hickup or the bad pathfinding will slow your unit down long enough that your opponent is a millisecond earlier at the flag or in the vehicle and you loose a lot.
But after giving it a second chance, I really liked it a lot. The mechanics grew on me and the cutscenes where somewhat funny, but don't expect a real story or that the humor aged well over time.

if you still not sure, you can give The ZOD Engine ( a spin, it's a reimplementation ot the game, in a pretty decent state.
Thank you very much for your answer !
So, I tried a bit The ZOD Engine, and it's really nice ! I decided to buy Z here and.... unfortunately, people in reviews seems to be right. In short, the "base" game is nice, but UI/features are far from perfect. Several patches would've certainly fixed that.
In conclusion I prefer the ZOD Engine -who seems a lot closer to the original and less "clunky" than the "remake"- and regret a bit my purchase... But at least, Z on GOG has the cutscenes, and in french :)

Z (the original) is a very nice game, thanks for the help ! :)
Post edited July 03, 2021 by Splatsch
pkk234: Man, don't talk to me about no GOGmixes.
Breja: I swear sometimes it feels like GOG is intentionally mocking us.
Please don't swear it. It's just totally flucked GOGmixes have been paused. We, me, him and sheem, and in her and his attention it is. Please?