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Go back in time to build majestic cities or vaporize people.

A second serving of Activision classics has been added to the <span class="bold">Weekly Sale</span>! No backlog is safe from this.

Packed with neat time-bending mechanics, intense shootouts, and an epic sci-fi story, Singularity is built to make a lasting impression. Seriously, can you think of a better way to spend your time than accelerating your opponents' aging process to the point of crumbling? Didn't think so.

He's got swagger, supernatural heritage, and a penchant for trouble. But whether he's investigating ritualistic murders, werewolf sightings, or kidnapped infants, Gabriel Knight always manages to come out on top, thanks to his resourcefulness and trusty companion, Grace.

That's not all, though! Today's additions also include: Interstate '76, Timeshift, SWAT 3 and several other greats, up to -60%! Don't forget – there are just a few days left to grab what you want!

Did you miss Monday's lineup? Check it out - <span class="bold">it's all about dapper bloodsuckers and inept space janitors</span>.

The <span class="bold">Weekly Sale</span> will last until February 6, 5:00 PM GMT.
eiii: Nothing interesting added for me today. Most of the discounts are also not very tempting this week. So my money is safe.
Same here. :D
supplementscene: At the moment I'd guess it's an experiment and to increase sales they'll occasionally have bigger discounts. It does make GOG more niche because as someone who doesn't bother about DRM, I'll just buy on steam with the larger discounts. That is one risk GOG is running, losing a section of their customer base.

Out of interest how do you get money in your wallet? Do you just top up and if so why not just pay when you buy something instead? IE what's the benefit of a wallet?

Anyway if you're on a budget make sure you bookmark and regularly browse the gaming deals thread ;)
Usually I use GOG wallet exactly as you described - i.e. top up just before an order. There is no profit from using it, indeed, except big sales, when wallet purchases increases XP bonus, as far as I know.

In this specific case money on my GOG account are just my Christmas present :) Moving them from my wallet to GOG wallet make it easier to track the current balance :P

And yes, I'm trying to keep my finger on the pulse. That's the reason I'm here now ;) In the meantime I've found out that you've got a nice community here worth to spend here a while from time to time!

Have a nice weekend!
Not even going to bother with these until they implement regional pricing.
How does Caesar IV compare to Caesar III? Is the gameplay any different?
guppy44: "Items you own"

The entire list

Whelp, Activision, looks like you need to release more "new" games. :D
tfishell: They just released SWAT 4 and Freddy Pharkas. ;)
Thank you for the note. I insta-bought each of them when they released so Activision needs to keep them coming. :)
I swear these same games go on sale for the same price about every month.
Wanted to thank you for this sale.. Singularity and Timeshift are 2 very underrated gems... you guys are awesome!

PS: can you go kick the devs in the butt over at Piranha bytes so we can have ELEX already!?
go back to the old ways with weekend sale and staff picks, not this....thing
Singularity does not seem to be available in Germany. Is this a bug, or expected?
ddfreyne: Singularity does not seem to be available in Germany. Is this a bug, or expected?
It's not only Singularity but also Gun which seems to be unavailable...
Ironically I have them both on PS and Xbox and they can still be legally bought in stores and the internet, so why the hell are they indexed on GOG then?
And: stupid thought, would they become available when I access GOG from across the French border? x)
Post edited February 05, 2017 by Zeeaire
Zeeaire: It's not only Singularity but also Gun which seems to be unavailable...
And Timeshift.

Complete List of regional locked games on GOG.