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This week is a perfect opportunity to discover or perhaps revisit some great games from Plug in Digital and Dear Villagers catalogue.

Let’s see what deals await you!

Outcast - Second Contact (-80%) is a complete remake which perfectly captures the sense of exploration, challenge, and discovery that the beloved original is known for. Welcome back to the open world of Adelpha, now looking and handling better than ever! Join smug, gruff, and resourceful military man Cutter Slade as he finds himself stranded on this fascinating alien planet, both hunted and revered by the warring local factions.

How about testing your detective skills with Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter (-70%)? Consumed by a terrible sense of uncertainty, Sherlock launches himself against the haunted streets of London, prowling for evidence that only his keen deductions, timely punches, and bold infiltration can yield.

Dead In Vinland (-50%) is a survival/management game, mixed with RPG telling an affecting story about a family of castaways. Survive the hardships, manage everyday tasks, explore, interact with its curious inhabitants and face a savage foe. RPG mechanics meet non-linear storytelling in a dramatic tale shaped by your own harsh decisions.

Don’t miss these and even more great titles in our
Plug in Digital and Dear Villagers Publisher Sale.

And that’s not all for this week! We couldn’t resist a chance to celebrate our love for brilliant RPGs once again.
Here is only a small portion of absolutely amazing titles worth checking out: Settlers series (-66%), Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete (-75%), Kingdom Come: Deliverance (-50%), Icewind Dale 2 Complete (-66%), ATOM RPG (-25%) and many more are available here!

Both sales end on November 11th at 2 PM UTC.
tfishell: To me that RPG sale looks solid for fans of the genre (which I'm not really so I may be wrong).
The list of games is great, but it would be nice to get a bit deeper discounts for some titles.
However if you don't own GoldBox, M&M or LoL series – wait no more!