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It's survival of the cuddliest! And the craftiest.

Who doesn't want to be a caring she-badger or a protective mother lynx, offering Shelter to their young under the indifferent gaze of mother nature? Perhaps you prefer to venture further out, travel the globe in search of hidden wonders as a crafty Renowned Explorer driven by greed or the sense of adventure.
Well, now you can do both these things and more, thanks to our Weekly Sale lineup!

If cuddly beasts with strong survival instincts are not your thing (what's wrong with you?) then try your hand at something more cerebral but no less cute: a trip to the whimsical world of Pan-Pan or Pid, where puzzles and surprises abound.

Need something gloomier? Then go ahead and scratch that itch with Infested Planet, Fear Equation, or Zafehouse: Diaries.

The Weekly Sale will last until December 12, 11 PM UTC.
Let's pop the thread in the forum.
A nice lineup.
All games of Screwfly Studios are included - nearly all games.

Zafehouse: Diaries 2 is still missing.

Is there any hope that it will come at last?

But I understand - next week there will be Winter Sale with the whole catalogue discounted, so they cannot make a big Weekly Sale now...
I already have all the Shelter games on Steam. :(
When will it be fixed?
Not many interesting games for me here; Renowned Explorers (RE) looks like the tablet version of Curious Expedition (CE), and since i already own and enjoy the latter immensely, i think i'll just pass for the time being. Furthermore, CE looks much better than RE to me, and it's cast of characters can't be beaten by any game. OK, lies, Martian Dreams has a great cast too! Also, Pan-Pan looks cute and interesting and i think i must have missed it when it was released here somehow; i'll definitely take a closer look. Having said that, Deadnaut is already in my cart.
Iglu47: When will it be fixed?
It's not a bug, it's a feature!
Arrgh. I don't own Paws, but oh well. Two games about cute and cuddly animals doing cute and cuddly animal things, with no magic powers involved, is more than enough for me.
Still need to get Seasons After Fall, though. :/
And think of Renowned Explorers as a videogame board game, and it's a blast. Sure the idea that you beat your enemies through the power of insults or flattery is a bit weird, but it works on a rock paper scissors triangle. The best bits come when the teammates interact with each other instead of the enemies.
calm before winter sales...
I am curious. I know there was a degree of contention over the new sale format. I generally dont bother looking at what is on sale until either Monday, (to see if weekly sales overlap) Tuesday (to see if any special sale launches, and again Friday because originally the weekly sale was built around getting upgraded on Friday for the weekend.

That said, has that practice of upgrading the weekly sale get discontinued and replaced with these more random "special sales"?

Was there anything else that also went on sale today and I am simply not seeing that forest for all the pretty trees?

Is there any word on what changes in format we might see at the beginning of the year?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Hmm, Renowned explorers got a bundle with the DLCs. Niice... I knew it was worth waiting.