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If there's something certain in roguelike games, it is the fact that you'll die... a lot.

Roguelike seems like one of the most popular words in gaming recently. While this type of games is not for everyone, we love the procedurally generated levels, the fact you develop your character in an RPG manner, and the challenge coming from permadeath. Let's see what's in store for this week's sale.

Darkest Dungeon (up to -70%) is the perfect example of a roguelike with challenging turn-based gameplay that on top of battles with diabolical monsters adds the Affliction System where your team contends with paranoia, masochism, fear, irrationality, and a host of gameplay-meaningful quirks. SUPERHOT (-60%) is, on the other hand, something completely different - an unexceptional shooter in a roguelike sauce, where time moves only when you move, and one-shot means you'll need to start over. Add to that mix Don't Starve (up to -75%), the uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic, and you'll know what kind of diversity the roguelike genre can bring.

And if you're not in the mood for roguelike games, check out the weekly sale for a selection of hits from Paradox Interactive catalog. Starting with Shadowrun series (up to -75%) that brings tenths of hours of great cRPG gameplay, through Majesty series (-75%) to the classic grand strategy Crusader Kings Complete (-75%).

Both sales on roguelike games and selected Paradox Interactive titles will last till 1PM UTC on September 30.
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I think you should add Darkwood and Subterrain to the sale .
They certainly should fit in well :)

Real-time games such as those two are beyond my skill set, so I enjoy them on youtube; their atmosphere and storylines are very good.
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AB2012: According to this, the Windows & Mac builds seem updated (to the newest non-Hamlet build?) although the Linux version is lagging behind.
Thanks, I'll look into the game more and see if it's something I wanna spend some time on.
Mr.Mumbles: I wish there was a demo for Tangledeep. It looks like something I might enjoy but roguelikes can be very hit-or-miss for me. Unfortunately, googling for one I only came across the games' early build on their Kickstarter page, and that link seems to be long dead now.
I've only done attempted like one or two runs, but Tangledeep feels kind of like halfway between a Mystery Dungeon game and something like TOME. and maybe some orther stuff mixed in, like the whole job system.

it's got options between permadeath, inheriting stuff between runs, and no permadeath to choose from
Shouldn't spelunky have been added?
bhrigu: So is the Don't Starve Alone Pack a good deal or not?
Looks like they are late with updates on GOG, but they do arrive, right?
gog's own version didnt update for more than year. And if you will register klei account in order to update them via game's own launcher - there may be bugs

Plus, as said above - this game still didnt get the last DLC that was released about half year ago on steam. Dont bother. I liked this game, I bought it twice (on steam and there), but now I regret it - recently klei just became evil and it probably wont change in foreseen future (said hamlet dlc still isnt there. Remastered version of Mark of the Ninja still isnt there (while people who got original version on steam before remaster, received it for free). Oxygen Not Included still isnt there. And their newest Griftlands has became timed epic store exclusive)