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What type of manager are you?
Benevolent dictator ?
Benevolent and nurturing happy go lucky dictator? ✔️

Whatever your type, their are 50+ games currently discounted up to -90% during this Weekend’s Sale on GOG.COM to feed the business tycoon in you!

Go for the classics, with the SimCity series (-50%), the RollerCoaster Tycoon series (-50%), Theme Park and Theme Hospital (-75%), or reach for the modern twists of these ever-green genres with Rescue HQ - The Tycoon (-15%) and Rise of Industry (-40%).

If, deep down, you actually feel like you should have been a God (or a Generalissimo, kinda the same thing), you’ll be happy to know that Dawn of Man (-25%) and Tropico 1, 2, 3 and 4 (up to -75%) are included in this weekend’s sale too!

The Weekend Sale ends on Monday September 9th at 1PM UTC.
Parkitect is not there in the sale.
high rated
A little late but...

Titles Discounted to a New All-Time GoG Low:
Dawn of Man (25% vs. 15%)
Dungeons 3: An Unexpected DLC [DLC] (40% vs. 30%)
Dungeons 3: Famous Last Words [DLC] (25% vs. 15%)
Political Animals (75% vs. 66%)
Railway Empire - France [DLC] (40% vs. 20%)
Railway Empire - Germany [DLC] (40% vs. 30%)
Railway Empire - Great Britain & Ireland [DLC] (60% vs. 50%)
Railway Empire - Mexico [DLC] (60% vs. 50%)
Railway Empire - The Great Lakes [DLC] (60% vs. 50%)
Railway Empire: Crossing the Andes [DLC] (60% vs. 50%)
Reprisal Universe (80% vs. 74%)
Rescue HQ - The Tycoon (15% vs. 10%)

First Discount of 2019:
Political Animals (75% vs. 66%)

GoG Sales 2019 Google Doc:
Cavalary: and they're not the newest to say those are excluded (like 5 is for Tropico for example).
Pheace: 6 you mean :p
That won't work even for playing the wise guy, since if I'd have talked about games from those series that aren't on GOG I'd have mentioned Anno 2070, 2205 and 1800 and Paths to a Kingdom.