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No matter if you start big or small. Some games will show you that with a bit of ingenuity and discipline you can achieve wonders. That’s why this Weekend Sale on GOG.COM is called Build your Empire. Create a picturesque and rich metropolis with games like SimCity or Kingdoms and Castles. The promo will until 2 PM UTC, 25th November. Let’s see some of the titles it’s going to include:

SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (-75%) is a fourth installment of the famous simulation game series. Do you want to build a city? Or maybe you dream of constructing an entire megalopolis, rich, well organized, and full of life? SimCity 4 will give you all of this and much more.

Kingdoms and castles (-30%) title is a choice for gamers who like a medieval setting. Here your goal is to grow a grand city from a tiny hamlet. Build taverns, granaries, and shrines to increase your peasants’ happiness. Raise the defensive castle to fend off incoming invaders.

Surviving Mars (-66%) is a strategic simulation for all sci-fi lovers. Establish a booming colony on the Red Planet surface. Cultivate food, search for minerals, and above all fulfill humanity’s greatest dream – to reach for impossible.

See other games included in the Weekend Sale and start building your own empire right now. After all, you have to start somewhere, right?
Sale away... or was that sail away?
I'm still waiting for the Linux version of Cities in Motion to show up here so I can buy it on GOG.
Please, don't use the word Empire in news posts lightly. You might bait people into thinking you know what :P
This is a great sale, very tempted, but I'm not buying another empire building game until I finally finish Caesar 3 and Pharaoh!
Themken: Sale away... or was that sail away?
The latter of course! Are you a Styx man? (sadly, I fail to find "Stuber" quote/video cut)
At least living in Styxian darkness. Hopefully we will get some snow again soon.
I see the base price of the decade-and-a-half-old Civilization IV is still comically high, while the entry just before it in the series (just four years older) is one-fifth its price. I mean, I understand Civ IV is generally thought of as the better game in many ways, but I doubt the margin of perceived quality between the two was that large.
high rated
Titles Discounted to a New All-Time Low Price:
Frostpunk Original Soundtrack [DLC] (55% off vs. 50% off)
Project Highrise: Architect's Edition [Deluxe] (70% off vs. 66% off)

GoG Sales 2019 Google Doc:
HunchBluntley: [...]
I have been holding off purchasing Civ IV for years now. I have played Civ V on another store, but was willing to play the fourth game from GOG. But the price on GOG, even during the sales, is a bit too much for me.