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Up to 80% off Rise of the Triad (2013), F.E.A.R. Platinum, Mortal Kombat, Unreal Tournament, and more!

Shooters, slashers, guts and gory! Crazy insane or insane crazy, when we say promo, you say frenzy - it's a true seasonal <span class="bold">May(hem)</span> with the biggest guns, bloodiest gibs, and deals from 50-80% off! May we cause ALL the chaos this weekend.

If we're talking insanity, then F.E.A.R. Platinum is where we should start: a mindbending threat and badass slowmo combos come together for that perfect blend of "I don't know what I'm doing, but I ain't stopping." If we're talking frantic - then the fast and precise Unreal Tournament games are there to scratch the old-school itch whether you're in it for the gibs or the glory. Coincidentally, if you look up "gory" in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Mortal Kombat next to a severed spine - go ahead, it's a fine way to set the weekend promo mood.

Finally, since we're on the topic of mayhem, then we can't help but think Rise of the Triad 2013: unapologetically old-school, it's the only modern, moddable, multiplayer and mayhem filled title that connects players across both Steamworks and GOG Galaxy. With the latest update (live now!), there's no better time to get weird, get wild and GET LUDICROUS.

All that and more, including SiN Gold, Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000, Rise of the Triad: Dark War, Shadow Warrior and so much more, are here to cause every kind of unseemly circumstance and the ultimate <span class="bold">May(hem)</span>. 25 games at 50-80% off are on sale until Tuesday, May 26, 3:59 AM GMT.
$2.99 for one of the best FPS out there, plus it's two expansions without needing to be cracked or tied to steam? Don't mind if I do.

btw, anyone on the fence about F.E.A.R., I highly recommend it.
gamesfreak64: snip...
catpower1980: Hum well, maybe I should have made my smiley more visible in my OP, I was just teasing you with some purely Belgian stuff between Vlamingen and Wallen ^o^

Anyway, I agree with you that French is hard to learn, a good portion of the native speakers don't even have a good spelling skill.
true, but ah.... (turns red in the face (of shame)
my spelling also sux ... mainly the words that should end with a d or t ord dt in dutch
the rest is pretty decent :D

so you were making fun of me? :D
i thought it had to be something like that... :D
i like jokes, i make them myself once in a while...

Spelling is a different thing, I dont mean typos, cause makinging a typing mistake (is only human and )does not count as being illiterate (in dutch/belgian we call that analfabeet (unless our government has changed that aswell, cause there's been a lot of changes in dutch language and most of of them not for the better)

anyways french looks more like an explaining or short description of things rather then giving it a name.
a plane is
Flugzeug in german,
vliegtuig in dutch,

and not: "some kind of vehicle or object that allows people to travel by air"
Learning words should be simple: a dog = een hond in Dutch, ein Hund in German
and not : a 4 legged animal that ( rest of story/description)

But alltogether it is quite entertaining to hear them talk.
I have an old movie on dvd of Jean Paul BelMondo (belmondo sounds more like italian)
and Louis de Funes , has always been a funny guy, i like his movies , Fantômas is a famous one.
Its very funny to see these movies, there's also Fernandel , "Don Camillo"
with the cow named Margarite or Marguerite (can't remember the name)

Anyways, the girls and women in the movies (although a bit skinny/thin( 10 kilos extra would benefit them a lot) were always pretty, the men... well they can't compare to the females, but the females they wer'e beauties

But thats with most movies take the movies with fred astaire, lots of beautiful women around, but fred himself was
not that handsome, he was skinny and looked old even when he was young.
So basically all the women in movies ( from any country) look gorgeous, then men were mostly ugly, and it was funny to see all these beauties married to ugly men.
(ps: i am also one of these uglies , but my spouse was ugly aswell)
Hmm . Should i pick up the Shadowgrounds series or wait for another Alien Shooter / Zombie Shooter / Alien Breed sale ?
ne_zavarj: Hmm . Should i pick up the Shadowgrounds series or wait for another Alien Shooter / Zombie Shooter / Alien Breed sale ?
I love those games but they can get slow and monotonous at times, which I guess can be said of almost every dungeon crawler which this essentially is.
Shadow Warrior bought, thank you gog for the fantastic price! Would love to buy Blood but there is no Mac version for that game :(

Update: Do I feel like an ass... Thought it was the Redux version like on Steam. Thats what I get for not paying attention and buying games after a couple of beers. A fool and his money... :D

Oh well, hope got will get the redux version someday.
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ne_zavarj: Hmm . Should i pick up the Shadowgrounds series or wait for another Alien Shooter / Zombie Shooter / Alien Breed sale ?
I recommend you to try them, its really nice.
apehater: to which games is the shadowgrounds series comparable?
Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter
ne_zavarj: Hmm . Should i pick up the Shadowgrounds series or wait for another Alien Shooter / Zombie Shooter / Alien Breed sale ?
Okay, I just bought Shadowgrounds. First impression:

I liked the intro movie where the protagonist clearly demonstrated that he was just as bored by the explanation as the player himself. It's a nice touch that the game puts you in the role of a humble mechanic, instead of the generic super soldier. This more vulnerable role fits the games horror aspects. Noticed that the game is called Shadowgrounds? There is some great use of darkness, and you have to economize your flashlight. Sure, it’s not Amnesia scary, but the game does what it can within its genre. It reminded me a bit of Abuse.

The logs were boring in F.E.A.R. The logs were boring in Doom III … guess what? The logs are boring in this game as well.

It’s played with an over-the-shoulder view – only, the camera has been lifted so everything is seen from above. This seems weird at first, but I quickly grew to love it. (You can hack the viewing quite a lot, but this is how the developers intended it to be played)

You have 4 respawns at each level. This is a bit unforgiving, but fits the horror aspect. When you’re at your last life, it feels kind of permadeathish.

Sadly … there is quite a few quirks. Normally, you automatically switch weapon if your current one runs dry. Not here. And it is easy to miss that your gun goes clickety-click right in a fight. Stupid thing to die from. The rotating view is a bit hard to control in the middle of a battle, and you will easily get stuck against some minor obstacle when trying to outrun some monster. Or you die because the monster right next to you stands perfectly still so you think it’s dead. Or you respawn right at a monster. It feels unfair to get “Game Over” due to sloppy programming.

“old school” has been overused, but this actually feels like playing some MS-DOS games. This game is quite different from the casual action in Alien Shooter. More demanding. If you’re a crappy gamer like me, you will find even Normal to be rather punishing.
KasperHviid: snip
Thanks .
gamesfreak64: Well apart from the dificult der, dem die das, entgegen entlang, gegen uber and more of these german is actually quite easy to learn other languages like french are just to difficult, and at school you need grades, if you would flunk because of french that would be said , then you have to do it all over again.
No, learning French is not too difficult, there is no language too difficult to learn. Anyone who says a language is too hard to learn is just making excuses for themselves. In order to speak another language properly, you have to understand how the people who use it think, have first hand experience how it is used, make your mistakes and understand them, think in the language until you get a feel for the language. It takes effort but once it's done, everything falls into place. You cannot rely on classes for this however.

gamesfreak64: So in the past during my schooldays (we did not had french at my school , only english and german)
most of the students who had french (depended on which course you took) were able to succeed and get a plus grade instead of a low rate, getting them to pass the exams.

So there is no hate(speech) towards french language, it's just a very complicated language to learn cause in the past ( 70s-80s) i have seen hundreds of students failing in french at the schools i studied.
Class grades are not a reflection of your language skills. You also cannot properly learn a language solely from classroom instruction. Classroom instruction will at best, provide you with a basic foundation.

gamesfreak64: So basically english and german use common sence and words, even people who never learned these languages are able to make themselves understandable in germand and english.
Same as any other language

gamesfreak64: maybe nowadays all people speak french fluently ( i doubt it) but thats why the main language on the internet is english.(and of course most designtools and coding uses englishs commands cause i have never seen html using german or french or spanish or maybe african commands).
Language packs are only for the visual parts the program still operates using english command in the code, so thats why english is the number one language.
English is language of the internet because of technological advances in English speaking countries, it has nothing to do with French. If the said technological advances were made in France or French speaking countries, then the code commands would be based on French, not English.

Also consider French has a long history of being used globally for hundreds of years. Today, French is one of the most useful language in business and is still the internal language of post offices worldwide. French is more widely used than you seem to believe and the rise of English hasn't hurt the importance of French as a lingua franca.
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51 hours after the promo started, I finally got the notification-mail from GOG. New record.
Heh, I came here to see if anyone else had a delayed e-mail. I also only just got my promo mail this morning!

Thanks for making sure there were Mac titles in the promo.
Same here !
Elbart: 51 hours after the promo started, I finally got the notification-mail from GOG. New record.
Yeah, me too ... :)
Interesting promo :)

Will get a few games.....