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Which games are keeping you company this weekend?

There are silent protagonists and chatty ones. Some go for the growly, menacing approach, others sound much more chipper, and once in awhile you might get the occasional dial-tone. But it is also not uncommon for a secondary character or even the villain to steal the show when well-performed, engaging banter is concerned. Do you have any favorites? Male, female, demons, dragons, corporeal narrators - they all count, as long as they have a voice!

Surely you've got some gaming planned for this weekend, too. Go on, share your Weekend Playlist with us. It can include single-player games, multiplayer games, console exclusives, anything - we are not judging. In fact, we are sharing too!

Looking for some additional inspiration? The releases of the week might help:

- You can try and prevent magical catastrophes while traversing the strangely familiar fantasy world of <span class="bold">Zenith</span>.
- You can feel burly, hairy, and incredibly deadly while you're planning your next move in <span class="bold">We Are the Dwarves</span>.
- You can navigate an urban jungle of glass and shiny metal, trying to maintain your balance while running right across the <span class="bold">Mirror's Edge&trade;</span>.
- You can breed a whole culture of oddly shaped creatures and send them out to conquer space in the <span class="bold">SPORE&trade; Collection</span>.
- You can take your revenge from the Nazi oppressors and hit them where it hurts as <span class="bold">The Saboteur&trade;</span>.
- You can scratch your square chin, trying to make the decisions that Gotham City needs, as the <span class="bold">Batman</span>.
- You can try and replace or bring down a tyrannical spellcaster in <span class="bold">Sorcerer King - Rivals</span>.

So, GOGrunners, what are you playing this weekend?
-Halcyon 6 - Starbase Commander
I can't afford any of the new releases so I'll just be playing some backlog games.
Deadly Premonition perhaps.
With the current Sale reminding me yet again of the TellTale games on my backlog, I may just try Tales of Monkey Island again. The strange and completely pointless controls keep making me quit this one. Really wish it had gamepad support. It makes no sense that it is not there considering the games were released on console.
Instabought all of yesterday's EA releases, so I'll be playing those this weekend. Priority is on Mirror's Edge.

My favourite bit of voice acting in any game would be Dietmar Mues' performance as hammer3 in the German version of Thief Gold. The guy was so phenomenal that I actually bought some audio books he read. Unfortunately, he got killed in a rather nasty car accident a few years ago. Here's to hoping that the German version of Thief
will some day be released here, so that future generations of taffers can appreciate the wonderful work the German voice actors did for this game.
WItcher 3. Gotta find Ciri. ;)

As for best voice, I think I will go for Richard Steven Horvitz as Razputin (Raz) from Psychonauts. That performance is still with me, after all these years.

Wayne June as the narrator from Darkest Dungeon gets second place from me.
Well I have bought 2 of the 3 new EA release (not interested in Spore),

I think this WE on PC the menu will be

Planet Explorer 0.6Beta (continuing my play)
The Saboteur (not bad even if sometime enemies seems to spawns out of tin air -_-; )

Having recently finished the reboot version of the Mirror's Edge (Mirror's Edge Catalyst) I will wait a little before replaying it ;)

And on PSVita, I will continue playing God Eater 2
Smannesman: I can't afford any of the new releases so I'll just be playing some backlog games.
Deadly Premonition perhaps.
Via GOG Connect? ;)
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I'm giving Avadon: Black Fortress a go. I've bought probably most (all?) of SpiderWeb's games during various sales, on the theory that they're the sort of games I should enjoy playing, but never actually got around to playing them (except Geneforge 1). Now I'm traveling with just my laptop, and have to fill some very, very long hours waiting for buses, so I figured, why not?

It seems fine? I'm amazed that a modern CRPG can keep a straight face while it's asking you to sword-fight rats, but hopefully things will pick up.
Im actually playing Dragon Age Origins.
Im playing the console version though since i also got it on ps3.
Pretty good game so far.

Coolest voice in gaming?
Hmm, Not really sure about that
cant remember alot of game voice actors at the moment
but i thougth the voice of one of the people in kings quest VI game was pretty good if my memory doesnt fail me.
Cant remember the name now though.
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Hoping to finish Soma.... then... ?? Valkyrie Chronicles maybe... or back to Subnautica
avatar So, GOGrunners, what are you playing this weekend?

And then maybe some new Doom :)
I'm thinking of starting a new KOTOR playthrough since I haven't played it in a while.
Best voice actor? It has to be Simon Templeman.
tfishell: Via GOG Connect? ;)
If only dude.
Van Helsing, just like the week before. Mindless fun for all family!

As for voice acting, although there are many good performances that I enjoyed through the years, a very short list would be:

- Tim Curry (outstanding voice over) as Doviculus in Brütal Legend
- Armin Shimermann as Andrew Ryan in Bioshock
- Terri Brosius (hell yeah!) as SHODAN in System Shock

I guess I'm fascinated by the bad guys... :P
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