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Help us break the GOG Galaxy servers!

Our venture into GOG Galaxy started not too long ago, so far our infrastructure supports online multiplayer for <span class="bold">Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000</span>, <span class="bold">Double Dragon Trilogy</span> and of course <span class="bold">The Witcher Adventure Game</span>. It's been pretty smooth sailing, but there is still so much ahead of us. We want to learn everything we can about our infrastructure under a lot of stress, how much we can handle before weird stuff starts to happen. That means plenty of people doing all kinds of things at once - rolling dice, beating up baddies, killing aliens.

We're going to be hanging out in-game, and we'd like you to join us in trying to break our servers.

-We want to throw everything we can at our infrastructure. We'd like you to help us break it on Thursday, February 12 starting at 4:00 PM GMT. No worries if you're late, we'll be at it for a while. You can check your local time right here!

-Simply launch your copy of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000, Double Dragon Trilogy, The Witcher Adventure Game, join an existing multiplayer game or create your own, and have a good time! We'll be there too.

Once you've had a chance to play, let us know how your online experience went, and what we can do to improve it (keep in mind we're not testing the games themselves, but the online infrastructure). You can vent, praise, and anything in between, right here in this forum thread. We'll be watching!

Thank you!
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Matthew_Bester: Excellent news!

I'm checking the new client out as I type. So far it appears to be very stable but I've already noticed something that is strange to me, your choice of default folder locations:


Install game to: C:\GOG Games ..."[/i]

Is there are reason why "C:\Program Files\GOG Games" hasn't been used as the default?

Also, for queries about the alpha client you probably should post in
Tried Galaxy on my home PC, and tried to "Scan and Import Folders" and it doesn't detct my previously installed games. (Just says something along the lines of "Did not detect any gog games"

Not sure if this feature is actually up and running yet, but if it is, I'm experiencing problems with it.