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I'm marking this a question since one of the two greatest mysteries I have yet to solve is what some vague memories of such a cartoon I saw 20+ years ago comes from. I don't think it was anime at all, and it showed inbetween other 'normal' cartoons like Moomin. But that's all I've got apart from it being weird, trippy and kinda dark/gloomy.
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I had the misfortune to see Superbook and Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.
Yes I watched the tales from the crypt cartoon series used to make me laugh and this really weird cartoon I can't remember the name of it but it was cool

It had lots of semi naked chicks with bondage and whips the main character had a whip I think it was something along the lines of conan or go cats but I can't quite remember what it was called

I also remember watching Josie and the PussyCats (from outer space)

Miss the real Ghostbusters though.

including these:
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Count Duckula



Peter Pan and the Pirates

The Mask

The Incredible Hulk
As far as gloomy cartoons go, I remember "Calimero" as a manic-depressive cartoon for toddlers, and a japanese adaptation of Hector Malot's "Sans famille" that was also sadistically melodramatic.

If you want trippy, there was "Chapi chapo" with a hypnotic music by François de Roubaix, but whether it's creepy or not is up to you.
They are just regular Saturday and Sunday cartoons!
Jamie & The Magic Torch

Mr Benn

Captain Caveman

The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop
Joyful kid movies like Watership Down; Fritz the Cat & Animal Farm? Now that I think about it it explains some stuff having that been released on my virgin kid mind fully expecting something Disney like.

Oh, and there was one about this cute elderly couple getting along after surviving some explosion. Well... after that I knew about the A-Bomb after effects.
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The original Mio Mao was pretty trippy.
In Denmark, 1992, there was this infomercial about traffic safety, called "SPLAT! Det er klamt at blive ramt" had a pretty fun gore/zombie theme. Sadly, I cannot find anything about it today.

Mezga Aladar kuulonos kalandjai

Thundarr the Barbarian

Galtar and the Golden Lance

Captain Future

Ulysse 31

Queen Millennia

Ren and Stimpy

Feature length:

La Planete Sauvage

Les Maitres du Temps


Heavy Metal

Fire and Ice


+ the original Fist of the North Star OVAs, Urotsukidōji OVAs, the M.D. Geist series, Armitage III OVAs, Bubblegum Crisis OVAs, Genocyber OVAs, the original Berserk series, Perfect Blue, etc.
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Both The Maxx and The Head were pretty trippy. Although, the Head wasn't nearly as gloomy as the Maxx.
Thank you for all the suggestions so far, I'm going to check out every single one.
By the way, I'm pretty sure that it was a cartoon tv series, not a movie.
As a small kid, some strange man on the street gave me a small cartoon booklet. Later in my life I deduced that he was a Jehovah's Witness. The cartoon was about a man who broke the heavenly rules (seven of them? I don't know) and in the end ended up into hell.

It was trippy, dark and scary as hell to a small kid, and made me afraid that I will end up in hell. Nowadays I know I am going to hell so I don't fret anymore. Gluttony, jealousy, anger, lust... yep yep yep, been there done that, many many times. Hopefully I can keep doing those also in hell.

Apart from that, I did read some of those weirdo horror cartoons as a kid. I don't recall what they were called in Finnish, but I presume they were just translated editions of Tales from the Crypt or such.

Oh right, and then there was that thick Japanese cartoon book which was my favorite. It had all kinds of different stories, both "kiddie like" with big eyes and stuff, and also seriously violent stuff, like that farmer boy who fought against some kind of back of wolves by swirling two kama (sickles with chains) weapons, slicing some wolf's stomach open etc.

I really liked the Japanese cartoons, including that wolfpack cartoon, even though I had absolutely no idea what was the story in them as I couldn't understand any Japanese. I have no idea how that book had ended up into our family anyway, none of us had ever gone farther than Sweden or Germany.
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