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(... continued from above)

Kyp returns to the Dragon Turtle with the mission of helping the dragon turtle nest her eggs.

Bellandra takes the Gillyweed and remembers she already has a Mental Resistance potion in her inventory. Having noticed Cliodhna's uneasiness, she wonders if her puzzle knowledge might help her recognize any part of the enemy's plan. Bellandra lets the rest of the Crew go finish preparing while she herself stays outside the Great Cabin a little ways, waiting. As Aylar goes to the Captain's Cabin with a nod at her and Aeshma hurries off to her shop to gather a few things, Bellandra takes the opportunity to offer to help Cliodhna, but understands that the twists and turns of an aboleth's mind might be beyond her knowledge to puzzle out.

(roll dice) Cliodhna motions with a wing for Bellandra to come back into the Great Cabin and look over the map again. For the first time Bellandra feels the lightest brush at her mind asking permission. Once given, Bellandra hears her not unlike she hears her kin. *Do you be remembering your awakening, Bellandra? It be like unto that. I be remembering in bits and pieces, flashes, terrified voices, twisted magicks and the edge of desperation while something evil and deadly seeks to be ensnaring and enslaving our very spirits. In amongst all of that I keep thinking there be a clue I miss, and this temple exacerbates that. When ye be there, check especially the niches, they probably be sconces, but be sure they don't be possibly triggering something before ye touch them. Look at the base of the mechanism, and above it at the ceiling, also the walls that border that inner circle of the mechanism room, as well as the central two rooms, and be very careful going all the way into the room at the front left. Look ye at how many doorways and how long a distance it be with restricted area to try to flee through, too perfect for traps. Ye have the mirror and read the book. I trust ye to guide them this time, Bellandra. Tell Aylar what ye think he needs to check or know and we be hoping he can also relay it to me as well. But in case not, I be asking ye to be guiding and taking care of them for me. Ye be strong in heart and spirit with a sound mind and sense of things. In the older days we would have made ye Bosun, the senior non-commissioned officer over the Warrant and Gun decks, but that be up to Captain Aylar to confirm now. Know instead that I have faith in ye, and that ye relieve me mind if ye say ye will watch out fer them as ye can.*

Once he has his talk with the aasimar witch, Aylar goes to his cabin and dons the runic gloves. He gathers his will and resolve in order to quell the incoming magickal turmoil, then he opens the box and retrieves the Sword. (roll dice) At first it seems quiet, then the fight begins. Phoenix fury is swiftest and Fell strikes back, only to have the Fae Charm intercept it. (roll dice) Aylar notices that the phoenix and fae in him are seeming to come into an accord, something remembered and old. Right now though he doesn't have the time to explore it. (roll dice) Aylar reasserts his Will and reasons with phoenix and fae about the necessity of such cooperation while enticing the the Sword with just how great and delectable the soul will be Only after he be absolutely sure that all three energies involved into the altercation, be it Fae, Phoenix, or Fell, are settled down and nae throwing an uncooperative fit does he secure the Sword upon his back, give his cutlass and axe a quick re-sharpen with his whetstone, and exit to rejoin the Crew. He takes his Gillyweed on the Island a ways before entering the portal.

The Crew was taken back to the pier and made their way to the building without opposition. The Stone Elementals had already cleared the building and Gilius' Stone Elemental had waited for his return and would accompany him through the portal down to the temple.

Count Karnstein is very surprised to see the Black Widow spider still waiting on the shore on their return from the ship. After consideration he decides it probably won't be much help in a flooded temple, so he lets it loose and points to the grove. Besides it could be easy prey for Aboleth. While they are approaching the structure, he makes a mental note that buildings made of glass look pretty awesome and he wouldn't mind living in a glass house. Or tower, imagine whole tower made o' glass! If he wasn't vulnerable to sunlight, that is.

Before entering, Count approaches Durik. "Listen, lad, I need ye to remember one li'l thin' fer me. Should it happen that I'll become possessed by that wretch down there, don't 'esitate 'n hit me with this garlic grenade ye saved. I can't know fer certain, but I 'ope allergic reaction would overwhelm my senses 'n break the fiendish link. An' if not, well, I s'ppose at the very least it should slow me down a bit 'fore I'll kill y'all. - Count slapped Durik's back and laughed. - Harr, harr, harr!"

Durik reluctantly nods. "Uh ok. But wudn't be better if ye stayed away from Ablet then? Durik doesn't want to fight crew"

When the time came Bellandra travels back with the crew and ventures into the seaglass building. She is willing to be in the first group in. She uses the Gillyweed and her mental resistance potion before venturing in, still remembering perhaps the phoenix's request of her.

Captain Baldbeard rubs his ring and pats the harmonica in his pocket, ready to summon the pack when needed. He hefts his cudgel and steps into the seaglass building right behind Bellandra.

On the way to the temple, Gilius ate the Gillyweed. He takes the stone elemental under his command along. "I think I'll call ye Rocky. We'll be best mates, Rocky, ye an' I!"

They find the portal in an alcove of the biggest seaglass building, a liquid curtain of silvery and refracted colored light inside a solid crystal frame. The portal. It reminds Aylar of what it looks like when he concentrates on his Locket. Bellandra takes the time to inspect it in the mirror. The portal glows with multicolored magicks deep within, but does not seem to indicate traps, just that what lies beyond is hidden currently. It only allowed a group of four at a time, so the decision had to be made who would go in what group order.

Before entering the portal, Argy retrieves the magical lantern and drinks the mental resistance potion. She also does some breathing exercises to calm her anxiety. Argy thinks about hugging Grog'tial by surprise again, of course to later push away from him and tell him to control his dirty impulses and leave innocent ladies alone. She'd much rather hug Aylar, honestly, but feels somewhat intimidated by the half elf. Grog'tial seems the easier prey. She decides to let it go this time... and just does breathing exercises while stealing glances at the Captain. [confessions to the GM in PM. ;)]

Aylar has been becoming more in tune with sensing than before, using the phoenix energies and the weave not to grill the crew, but to be attentive to the Crew's conditions. (roll dice) He picks up on Argy's anxiety and some emotional aspect involving him, but empathy is not mind reading, so catching her glancing at him he nods and exudes confidence. A mind full of doubt and fear be prey to the eel, and he wants everyone to feel pumped and bold enough to stroll in like they be owning the place.

(roll dice) Bellandra insists that she and Mighty go first as the two with crossbow and cutlass, cudgel and shield, thus better able to handle almost anything along with Aylar and Durik as she knows the Captain won't wait. They are followed by Gilius and Rocky, Grog'tial and Count Karnstein. Then Baldbeard and Aeshma, Argy and Pugwash.

Once through the portal and arrived at the cavern, Aylar attempts to check if he can still communicate with Clíodhna. He nae thinks he ever dealt with other planes before, but it dawns on him that other plane be really, really far, and it be best to test that before they be at the eel's lair proper. There is nothing for a moment, then Aylar feels the Phoenix Charm tug lightly at his death-touched lock and feels it warm slightly. It is something but ...

*I can sense you* Clíodhna reassures him. *It took a moment. That should mean ye be not that far off in planular type ... unless it be because ... nae matter. It still be working. I can be analyzing the possibilities later. Ye have yer fat fish to antagonize and its plans to be spoiled.* She had almost told him to be careful, but he not be needing to hear that now. Memory be damned.

(continued below ...)
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(... continued from above)

The Crew find themselves in a large undersea cavern with crystals growing in different places and in the walls. The temple is in front of them, made of carved stone and crystaline blocks. It's obvious that a combination of magick and structure keeps the sea from flooding the chamber through a passage downward and to the left of where they entered and looking at it several of the Crew may be glad that Aeshma had insisted on the Gillyweed just in case. If they expected resistance, there's none and they make it to the door of the temple without seeing any enemies, just enforcing the feeling of being a trap prepared for them.

The room immediately outside the entrance to the right is empty and the mirror shows nothing hidden there. Inside the temple they see that the curving hallway to the left slopes lower the further it goes back towards their target room. Calculating from the slope, it looks like by the time they reach the large circle room they'll probably be in almost 2.5' or 0.76m of water. The water is cool, but not cold. The stone floor is wet and slippery. To the right the hallway remains even, and 8 Drowned Ones (sea zombies) come from the rooms down that way to attack them with cutlasses and one carries a whip. From the left hallway come 2 Chuul.

Count Karnstein immediately prepares to face zombie squad. (roll dice) Count uses the superior reach of his saber to slice at the first zombie, noting it being slower on land than the other zombies they have fought up until now. (roll dice) His strike severs a leg and he quickly follows up by beheading it. (roll dice) He dodges as the whip comes at him and uses his off-hand to take the blow, wrapping the whip around his arm and pulling the zombie close to meet the saber, then severs its head also.

(roll dice) One Chuul charges Mighty, trying to get past him not to Aeshma, but to Aylar. (roll dice) Mighty fends off the tentacles with his claw and brings his Mighty cudgel down to crack open its skull.

With the lantern in one hand and the pan in the other, Argy backs up Count Karnstein in the right corridor. (roll dice) She is quick to block a cutlass aiming at the Count from his off side while he is taking care of the whip zombie. (roll dice) She also notices the lantern seems to freeze the zombies in place for a few minutes, giving those with cutting weapons an advantage to behead them quickly, or herself if she just gets her butcher knife out.

Bellandra sees the incoming enemies. She was going to use a stun bolt, but the Count and Argy are already in the fight and she notices Argy's lantern's edge is freezing the Drowned Ones in place. (roll dice) It makes sense, she realizes, if the Drowned Ones are drowned, there is possibly still a lot of water in their systems, thus freezing weapons might work better on them than usual. (roll dice) She quickly steps in with her cutlass, beheading two that Argy has frozen on the Count's off-hand side.

Captain Baldbeard whistles up the pack and sends them into the zombies, reminding them to do some good head-chomping. (roll dice) The zombies are quickly taken care of and the pack turn and head down the other hallway. They feed on the second Chuul and continue down the way (roll dice) to various sounds of fighting and traps being sprung.

It is over too quickly. Aylar is alert for any sounds or signs of approaching enemies, (roll dice) and his half-elven hearing picks up skittering in the room behind the door to their right off the right corridor. (roll dice) He doesn't want to leave enemies at their backs, but he also knows the two rooms ahead have no doors. Signalling Count, Bellandra and Argy to watch the further rooms, he opens the door and immediately dodges to the side (roll dice) as a half dozen Chuulpions shrill. (roll dice) The shrills are bounced off the edges of the door and thus do not stun anyone. (roll dice) Backing up to where the Chuulpions have to come through the doorway, Aylar quickly takes care of one Chuulpion with his cutlass while his axe beheads the second through the door. (roll dice) A third falls to his cutlass while Bellandra turns and shoots the next one with a hardened crossbow bolt as Aylar is standing to the side of the doorway.

(roll dice) Count Karnstein surprises everyone by using the whip to snare and drag out the next Chuulpion for Aylar to chop down. Then Bellandra leaps in and finishes off the final one as Captain Baldbeard joins to keep watch on the open hallway corner. Aylar is curious to scout the rooms, but opts to keep an eye out on the corridor instead, remaining stationed on guard by the room's door while Bellandra uses the mirror to investigate the room for hidden areas. (roll dice) There is nothing showing. (roll dice) Cautiously checking the other two small rooms, she finds some bones and a half eaten carcass of a Merrow, but that is all.

Grog'tial hopes that Aylar will indeed be using the potion to scout out the lair of the Aboleth, and figures it's up to the rest of the team to keep the gathered enemies far away from Aylar. Those zombies sure are clustered nicely together - he'd love to fire a stun bolt at the front rank of the zombies, but with only 2 such bolts left in his supply, and them being a crucial part of his plan, he'd rather not risk it. Besides the others are already in the fight and with Captain Baldbeard's sharks the fight is over quickly. (roll dice) He loads a hardened bolt to be ready for more Chuul since it doesn't look like the Captain is ready to do any scouting out of the Aboleth yet.

Gilius asks Rocky to guard the front while the others examine the rooms on the right. He makes sure Rocky will smash any incoming threat in the front. Gilius tries to feel any magical energy in the air around him (roll dice) and feels elemental energy immediately nearby, around Aeshma. Noticing his stare, Aeshma simply winks at Gilius and he realizes she can also wield some elemental magic. Gilius nods and goes back to feeling for other elemental energies or anything strange nearby. (roll dice) He finds some beings, but they are wrong, perhaps the enslaved minds? When he searches for ethereal beings his attention is taken somewhere else. He tries to communicate and to feel what is this place, what was it once used for, if something or someone is being trapped or is in distress. (roll dice) Gilius feels an ethereal energy, almost familiar, but it is like an echo. Then his jaw goes slack and Gilius is immediately caught up in a strong trance. (roll dice) No harm appears to be happening, but he is definitely not moving. (roll dice) After a moment Gilius is released and comes to.

Aeshma follows the others into the temple and immediately scans the area with her inner sight while letting the fighters take care of the enemies within. She whispers almost silently to the air, (roll dice) then draws a rune of protection around the group (roll dice =10'/3m for 3 turns) She cocks her head listening, and moves a finger slightly then looks at Aylar with a raised brow, this seems too easy. (roll dice) Just then Gilius goes into a trance and Aeshma starts to go to him to see if she can help then stops. "Don't touch him," she tells the others. "It isn't threatening him, yet. It's not the 'fish,' he's got an ethereal aura around him, almost like ... I think it's a Guardian's aura, Captain." After a moment she sees him come back to himself and asks if he is all right, what happened, and does he need anything?

Durik had wanted Dakka to eat a Chuul, but Mighty had cracked the skull of one and the sharks had savaged the other before he could ask Dakka and gone off down the corridor. (roll dice) Instead Durik asked Dakka how he felt. Dakka felt fine, just a strange tingling energy was all.

Bellandra takes a look around the corridor looking to detect hidden enemies, traps, or secret doors. (roll dice) She notices the sconce right across from the entry does show a trap if touched. The one at the end of the hall to the right is also some sort of trigger. She peers around the corner at the middle rooms. (roll dice) The mirror immediately shows a hidden floor and wall. While she tries to figure out what it is, the sharks come back to Captain Baldbeard and circle.

Aylar remains alert while Bellandra looks carefully around. He is inscribing a few Elvish runes upon the wall in zombie blood with a grin as a slight breeze wafts by his ear. Afterwards he is ready to move out towards the next leg of the corridor. It is too quiet.

There comes a shifting sound from deeper within the temple. The entry doors shut and become a solid smooth crystalline slab. Something big crashes against against it outside, slamming into it again and again. They are now trapped within as the water begins to rise.

(continued below ...)
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(... continued from above)

When Kyp returns to the Dragon Turtle. She tells him of the place to go to find her eggs. They were taken from her and stashed in a cavern in the sea below. It is too cool for them to hatch there and there are some enemies nearby guarding them, a few Merrow. They will not let her eggs hatch yet nor bury them properly until they are infested with a special type of Chuul to take them over. She asks Kyp to please go free her eggs and take them to the Ship for safekeeping. She will tell him where to take them and bury them after this is done. Hearing the Dragon Turtle as well, the Sea Horse volunteers to help and let Kyp ride him where they need to go. The Sea Horse is fast in the water and can help Kyp either fight or elude the Merrow.

On the Ship, Clíodhna keeps watch. *Aylar, there is movement. They are repositioning but no attack yet. It looks like they may be expecting something bigger to show up.*

Your current inventory can be found in Post 2 (loaner books are read and returned)
Argy = Temple Corridor
Aylar = Temple Corridor
Bellandra = Temple Corridor
Captain Baldbeard = Temple Corridor
Count Karnstein = Temple Corridor
Durik = Temple Corridor
Gilius = Temple Corridor
Grog'tial = Temple Corridor
Kyp = Dragon Turtle
Mighty = Temple Corridor
Pugwash = Temple Corridor

Aeshma = Temple Corridor
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Captain Baldbeard steps carefully everywhere, entering the room, ready to sick his sharks on any enemy that may present itself, if needed. He sniffs the air to try and get a sense of any secrets that smell different from what he's smelt so far (or smell the same), while waiting for the more magically inclined among the crew to do their thing. If he finds something interesting, he will investigate it. Otherwise he will try to find somewhere higher to stand (that isn't an obvious or subtle trap).
Grog'tial stands around aimlessly twiddling his thumbs as the pathetic excuse for opposition here at the temple's entrance is swept away without him even needing to participate. He's still frustrated at Captain Aylar not giving any indication on his thinking regarding the proposed plans until what felt like the very last minute, leaving half the team flat-footed. He had some grumbly words for the captain to this effect on their way over to the temple, but none of them seemed to change his mind. Stubborn half-elf! (ooc: that's 90% in character, but 10% from me as well - when the actions of others will probably depend on your own, please give an initial hint as to your thinking early on? You can always adjust/fancify later on.) :)

With the waters rising, there's a good chance that soon there won't be a surface for the Aboleth to swim close to, and although Grog'tial continues to understand very little of magic, he sincerely doubts that a chilling fog works below the water's surface.

Suppressing an urge to strike out on his own and go personally take care of the Aboleth, Grog'tial will stay with the main body of the team, shooting appropriate crossbow bolts at any enemies encountered and using his dirk where crossbow bolts aren't enough, but saving at least one stun bolt in the hope that at least something of his plan can still be executed.
Aeshma was still concerned. Gilius did not seem quite himself fully yet, but there had been no evil or threat she had sensed at the time.

"Gilius, are you okay? What happened? Did you go somewhere or see something? You had a different aura around you but you didn't seem possessed and I'm not detecting any damage. Gilius?"
"Well, seems like something bigger be banging at the Temple's door presently. The fish has started the flooding bit early, but nae a surprise there, at least," Aylar thinks back to Clíodhna. "Gilius tried to get a sense fer the place and froze up fer a spell, looks there be no danger, but I nae say contact been made yet. Aeshma said it be having a Guardian aura about it, so could be yer kin in a manner? Any advice on how best parlay with it?"

Reply done, he looks about the area, eyes following from Crew to Crew - he be not too worried about the flowing water as precautions been taken against drowning, until he notices with a start that Mighty be missing the gill slits that all of them have. Quickly he notifies Aeshma, and then looks at the ceiling with more urgency, trying to figure out how the flooding mechanism be set up, where the water be coming from and how fast. No matter what his observation brings, he returns to where Bellandra be, studying her mirror discoveries, and asks "Bellandra, do ye and yer book happen to have an idea or two how best stop the water or slow the flow?"
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*Gilius may have tranced, a communication mayhaps. Guardian ... there be many types, not always to be beneficial, but if Aeshma be not too concerned then probably not evil unless what it be guarding be moved against. I would need to be knowing more of it to know what type, but most Guardians be dealing in honesty. Think ye it be the temple's Guardian?* Clíodhna replied.

Aylar notices a slight shimmer and feels an amusement at his artwork. Then the sword suddenly reacts, hungrily. Both charms move to repress it aggressively and he is in another fight of dominance. (roll dice) He is reasserting his Will when he feels as if an essence is suddenly looking at him. There is a firm but gentle boost sent to Aylar himself and the slightest tug on his death lock and the sword comes into line as the feeling withdraws. Neither charm reacts negatively to the entity, but he senses a confusion and wariness through the link. *Aylar, where be ye?*

Aeshma heard Aylar and looked at Mighty, then quickly dug into her bag. Luckily she had grabbed a bit of extra Gillyweed just in case. She quickly gave it to Mighty and told him to take it NOW because she was not going to be the one to explain to Monkey how Mighty, the Mighty Matey had drowned because of not paying attention due to Monkey's three heads not being there to keep his one head straight. Then she patted his arm, shook a finger at Cracker for not catching the omission, and walked back towards Aylar with a sigh. "It's done, Captain."
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Aylar exhales shakily, feeling the energies resettle, and attempts to send out a feeling of gratitude to where he felt help arriving from, then responds to the concerned mental inquiry. "Ach, I be occupied fer a moment. Looks like there be a bit of a response, some of me antics be amusing to it. I be having a good feel about this. Maybe if Gilius explains to it that we be here to evict the fish and set things right, it might help us.
Gilius opened his eyes and took a few seconds to regain his senses. He saw Aeshma'a face lookin concerned at him.

"I be fine, I be fine. Everything's fine. I just been a bit spaced away. Sorry."

Then he turned toward the inner part of the temple with renewed determination.

"We've got to continue. We need to move. We can't allow ourselves t'fail. We've got to clean this temple. We 'ave to go forward."

Pointing to the sealed doors at the entrance being slammed, he added : "Besides, these doors won't 'old out fore'er."

Turning toward Pugwash, Gilius says : "Do you want to climb upon Rocky to have a better sighting and aiming of your surroundings ? If you do, I can ask him to lower down to let you climb him. Just say so ! Or maybe do you fear of being too shaken if he gets involved in melee ?"

Gilius goes at the end of the corridor, near the central room entrance and takes a look at the inside, especially at the floor and the wall Bellandra had spotted as being hidden. He tries to see what's so special about this floor and the wall.

Meanwhile, Rocky goes in front of Mighty and Durik to act as a shield for them and intercept anything dangerous that would be coming along the corridor.
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aCyborg: Kyp returns to the turtle with the mission of helping the dragon turtle nest her eggs.
(I expect that I will get a briefing from her when I go back to her so I know more details of where to go and such)
bjgamer: For GM clarity then - Kyp will not be accompanying the Crew into the temple? Fine if he doesn't, the GM just needs this specified.
yes kyp will complete this side quest in this case
Bellandra informed the crew of what she had seen in the mirror. "Captain Aylar, mateys, be ye careful of that sconce near the entrance, that one near Gilius - methinks that one be trapped. But there be something in this room, a hidden floor in the center, I'd stay clear of it for now. Also something hidden in the north wall, a compartment perhaps, I know not yet what it may contain. This sconce behind me and Karnstein, it be some sort of trigger - my vision showed a knob we can turn, it be related to water."

"My guess be that the knob opens the floor, and drains the water. But what else it may unleash I know not. I'd say we try it, but be ye prepared in case more foes arrive."

Bellandra took another quick look through the mirror at the walls and ceiling of the room as well, since she remembered that Cliodhna had earlier mentioned walls and ceiling of the mechanism room as having hidden parts - then perhaps there might be here too.

If nothing else hidden turned up and the others agree, Bellandra would turn the knob, but with her weapons ready.
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DiffuseReflection: Bellandra took another quick look through the mirror at the walls and ceiling of the room as well, since she remembered that Cliodhna had earlier mentioned walls and ceiling of the mechanism room as having hidden parts - then perhaps there might be here too.

If nothing else hidden turned up ...
Nothing more hidden turns up. The hidden compartment can be opened and will reveal a lever.

(roll dice) Aeshma whispered quietly and drew another sigil in the air. She turned to glance at Aylar, then stopped, turning her head slightly and looking out the corner of her eye. It was an old witch trick to catch sight of spirits. She paused a moment, certain she had seen something around the Captain, but not quite what. Perhaps that same aura? If so it didn't seem to be a threat, rather the opposite. "I believe the corridor is clear, Captain. I cannot say for behind the secret door but the chamber seems to remain 'empty' as before. It seems to be a game of hide and seek."

Clíodhna flies to the Crow's Nest to observe better the forces and movements and strengthens again the energies about the Ship. Shifting certain patterns, she sends a directive to the bow, and stealthy energies form. Now that that's taken care of her mind returns again to that brush felt through Aylar. He hadn't answered. A Guardian and Guide, but the essence ... kin? Closer. Impossible? No, not if the Aboleth was playing with what it should not be. Could the question not be where he and the Crew be, but when they be? Or worse? She closes her eyes and draws on memory. She's never been there, she be sure of it ... yet. Threes, the temple was set in a series of threes and a spiral in an eternal pattern, and a secret side door. The clues began to slot into line. Nine hells he'd said, and nine heavens, nine lives some claimed, but only three ... Fates.

Finally Aylar answered and in the feel of him she knew, saw the potential trap at last, but maybe not too late? Choices. She knew this Guardian. It would choose Gilius to pass a message, one who could hear/feel but not truly see. Help Aylar because, well because. Not Aeshma tho, unless absolutely necessary, too much chance of recognition with Aeshma. To be there, now, meant one of three things ... three fates ... coincidental alignment (unlikely), intentional bait for the trap (possible, but the actions didn't fully mesh), or mortal danger of a type to draw that particular Guardian even if it be a trap (all too probable knowing what she suspected). Choices. She could not be there, and yet she was. Choose a Fate ....

For the Crew Clíodhna prays she be right. *Aylar, it not be the temple. It be a Guardian, aye, and one I think I be knowing.* Well that be a fine understatement. *I think it be not just a case of where, but when, and why. If I be right then ye be having a choice coming, a possibly critical one, and it could help ye. If I be right ye be playing with the Fates and the mechanism could turn it all based on choices. Ye be playing someone's game and I not be knowing how to be Guiding ye ... but I be hoping the Guardian might.* Please be right. She has to pull the power from deeper within to reach him, but she sends a pulse through his charm, hoping that signal is received.

NOTE: You are likely to be moving possibly down the corridor and/or into possible danger soon. It might be best to pre-plan for that in this next turn and post accordingly. ;)
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As the corridors begin to flood, Argy panicks for a moment and quickly clings to the closer crewmate (Baldbeard, probably). A moment later she remembers Kyp's lessons and her Abalone Shell and calms down.

She decides to investigate the door to the right. If there are enemies inside, they could easily flank or take the party by surprise. If there are no visible enemies there, she'll enter and search the rooms inside. Maybe there's something helpful to be found. She'll scout the area with the lantern in front of her.

If she notices foes inside, she'll close the door and warn her mateys.
posted below
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