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This is a closed Forum Voyage (dungeon) game take-off of Doc's 2019 Enter my dungeon if you dare ... Northern Tunnel forum dungeon game. The Cursed Crew players have already signed on, this is the game thread. All are invited to enjoy the thread, but non-players please keep comments here to a helpful minimum during Action Events or Missions, to help both the players and myself to concentrate on the action and role play. You may post your observations in this thread. Thank you.

Helpful Links:
The Ship, deck plan
Bhrigus Journal
A Pirate's Glossary of Terms
A Very Good Translator English to Pirate/Pirate to English

RULES OF THE SHIP (dungeon game):
1) Cursed Crew participants must keep their PM's open to public or friend me so I can contact you at need during the game.
If you know RL will not allow you to participate for a short time, PM me and we will see what can be arranged.
2) Action - Turns will last approximately 48 hours, 2 days. Events/Missions may consist of several turns. At the start of each turn I will post the results of your previous actions/decisions and roll results.
3) Role Play - Role play is encouraged. You may pirate speak in role play but it is not required. Please post your actions in plain English so all may follow along and enjoy the thread.
4) Treachery - According to Cap'n B, we be the GrOG Brethren. The Code of the Brethren strongly discouraged treachery or stealing from fellow Brethren and the price for it was nay pretty. So while I will allow it, think ye well, for ye will have to cooperate to achieve the end, and yer mateys may not take kindly to it and 'forget' to bring yer stunned arse back to the ship.
5) Race/Armor/Weapons/Spells - To simplify and make things easier to keep track of there will be no set armor or spells to start, however there may be items which turn up in game. You are boarding a Cursed Ship, with Cursed Weapons to choose from that will grant you special bonuses and abilities per that weapon. You have also chosen Races and a common weapon which may have bonuses as per your PM and rolled by the dice.
6) Polly - Admiral Polly controls the ship according to Doc's original tale. She WILL leave yer behind behind if ye dawdle, or yer brethren don't remember to haul it back aboard ship for ye (if afk/stunned/incapacitated). You MUST be able to make yer way back to the ship or be hauled back - so when the Event or Mission seems to be coming to the end be sure to post if you are bringing your fellow Crew back with you.
7) Death does not disqualify you from the Booty, and is not necessarily the end of you. ;)

RACE STATS: (yours may differ based on possible bonuses in your PM)
Human - standard | Half-elf +1 Agility, -1 Constitution
Dwarf - +1 Strength, Constitution; -1 Agility, Stealth | Half-Dwarf +1 Constitution; -1 Agility
Halfling - +1 Dexterity, Stealth; -2 Strength | Half-Orc +2 Strength; -1 Dexterity, Intelligence
Felinoid - +1 Agility, Stealth; -1 Constitution, Hates Swimming | Half-Mer - Good Swimmer/Breathe Underwater; -1 Constitution

Some of you have a background skillset. This has been taken into consideration and may have resulted in rolled skills or bonuses listed in your Startup PM. I leave it up to each individual player whether they wish to reveal what was in their Startup (The dice of fate has spoken) PM or not, or how much, except for certain announced Shipboard skills that will become obvious anyway.

I have a deck of cards and dice.
At the start of each Event/Mission I will shuffle the deck and draw a card for each Crew still in play. That card will determine your Luck for the duration of that Event/Mission, however many turns, unless something seems to indicate otherwise. Spades mean offensive luck, Clubs mean defensive luck, Diamonds are opportunity luck, Hearts are health luck. The number on the card is the influence of the luck good or bad. A joker (there are 2) means something unnatural or extraordinary will happen, the category will be based on the next card.
At the start of each turn (Events/Missions may have several turns) I will roll dice to determine initiative. The combination of the dice rolls and the luck cards will determine the results of your actions which will then be posted.
Remember, as each Event or Mission is coming to an end, you must be able to get back aboard the ship. If you are afk, stunned or incapacitated you are at the mercy of your fellow crew. You may grunt, groan, gesture for help (if possible) or otherwise indicate you need help. Those crew still fit, post if you are helping bring your fellow Crew back aboard.

PMs: PM between players and GM must be kept open. Players may PM private questions, or ask publicly if they think it will benefit the game or fellow Crew. I will PM players if I need details or more info, unless I believe it will benefit the game or Crew. Certain players may get private info based on certain bonuses, skills or rolls. Info not to be revealed will be specified as such. Otherwise each player is free to decide what to reveal or not reveal according to their character and role play.

(Edit - posted Helpful Links, Pirate speak is now a personal choice, not required. While I very much appreciate the creativity and effort, it may be best to use it sparingly so everyone can better translate and understand.)
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CURSED CREW LIST: The Beginning - Welcome Aboard, me Hearties!
And as the crew assembles ... Lindsey Stirling - Master of Tides (music starts at 0:40)

1. gogtrial34987 - Grog'tial (Abducted) - Half-Dwarf - Crossbow - paranoia
2. DiffuseReflection - Bellandra - Humanoid - Cutlass - fire
3. Lone_Scout - Argy - Halfling - Pan (Cudgel) - can't swim
4. matterbandit - Cap'n Barfdeck Rummyfangs (Spectral Crew) - Felinoid - Rapier - loud noises (except sea & ship's cannon)
5. babark - Captain Baldbeard - Dwarf - Cudgel - cold
6. bhrigu - Bhrigu (Departed) - Human - Saber - indecisive
7. LordKaylar - Aylar the Red Mane - Half-Elf - Cutlass - vengeful (& sober, which may be a weakness in pirate eyes)
8. tag+ - Larissa (Deceased) - Human - Dagger - skin condition (sun & over-dryness)
9. ssling - Count Klaus Karnstein - Human(?) - Saber - daylight, holy symbols (or so he believes), allergic to garlic
10. Pouyou-pouyou - Gilius - Dwarf - Staff (Cudgel) - black voodoo magic practitioners
11. Provide_A_Username - Foggy, The Whirlpool Machine (Lost) - Half-Orc - Cutlass - lack of judgement/easily manipulated
12. Mortius1 - Pugwash - Dwarf - Crossbow - salt/saltwater
13. servobeupstry - Queen Origi (Deceased) - Halfling - Rapier - codependency/addiction to her Albatross Prince
14. phaolo - Durik - Half-Orc - Cudgel - landsick
15. Sulibor - Mighty The Mighty Matey - Half-Orc - Cudgel - indecisive
16. aCyborg - Kyp Everswimmer - Half-Mer - Rapier - height
17. Devsea - Devin of Moonsea - Half-Elf - Rapier - the dreaming

1. (Argy) -12 Birthday Cupcakes (only 2 per time) - grenades, or set down to explode w/3 minute delay
2. 3 Patch Pirate Phantoms - Basket of Laundry, looks like patchwork rags - disguises as harmless, but smells close up
3. (Baldbeard) - Bosun's harmonica - summons spectral shark pack
4. (Durik) - Cannon - shoots captive or crew up to 20 meters
5. (Bhrigu) - Cat-o-9-Tails - squid tentacles to 3 meters
6. (Bellandra) - Clockwork Sextant - stops time for enemies 60 seconds
7. Fate yet to be determined - Conch seashell - (listen)Allows you to hear within sight, (blow)siren song mesmerizes enemies in range
8. (Mighty) - Crab claw - shield or strong pincer to grab and hold or crush
9. (Kyp Everswimmer) -Fish bowl - breathe underwater, teleports you to any water within sight
10. Penguin Figurehead - Eye patch - sees hidden (1 eye concentrate)/Invisibility 2 minutes (3 times only)
11. (Pugwash) - Glass eye - sees far, guaranteed shot for sharpshooter
12. Great Cabin - Harpoon gun - normal fishing, or shoot & reels in enemies or makes rope bridge
13. Stuck to the Mast - Hook hand - regular hook (but stronger), or grapple
14. (Karnstein) - Sailor's pipe - summons fog to hide (10 minutes) approx. 50'/15m radius
15. (Gilius) - Ship's Mast Staff - cudgel or entangle, bushes hide, Walk the Plank/Lightning Storm (3 times only)
16. (Aylar) - Silver Mirror Locket - portals you instantly anywhere within sight range
17. Penguin Figurehead - Trident - regular trident, or pins enemies to the ground

1. *Larissa - kamikaze charge, Mission 1, Denuvo; killed by vampirate ash
2. *Cap'n Barfdeck Rummyfangs - defiantly spit rumball into face of Necrodrider, Mission 2, Fortress; killed by necrotic poison
3. *Foggy - lost to the thirst for treasure, Mission 2, Fortress; influenced by the cursed gold
4. Queen Origi - under the influence of spores. Mission 3, Grung Village; killed by chief, finished by her own Force Missile.
5. Grog'tial - abducted by Shadowy Figure, Mission 4.

*Player request


Argy = 4 gold, 9 silver, 18 pieces of 8 / 6 cupcakes left (only 2 per Mission) / +1 Pan of Stunning / 2 knives / spoon / garlic pepper grinder / Book of fairy tales / Chef Jacket / Thief's Glove / Teak Slingshot / Abalone Shell (+10 Swim, Breath Underwater) / 1 Spiderclimb Oil / 1 Cure Disease / 1 Cure Poison Potion / 1 Heal Wounds Bandage / 1 holy water / Resist Evil Charm

Aylar = 4 gold, 13 silver, 16 pieces of 8 / Silver Mirror Locket / +1 Cutlass of Cutting / Sharp belt axe / 3 stakes / Fae Charm - Turn Necro/Magick Drain / Phoenix Charm - Resistances / a broken compass / a fine whittling knife w/silver runes / Fate thread / 1 Remote Viewing Potion / 1 Heal Potion / 1 Cure Disease Potion / 1 Cure Poison Potion / 1 Bandage / 1 holy water / a flask pure water / *Grog'tial's dropped Resist Evil Charm

Bellandra = 4 gold, 11 silver, 12 pieces of 8 / Clockwork Sextant / Cutlass of Double Strike / Hand Crossbow w/2 bolts, 4 Hardened, 0 Explosive, 4 Stun Bolts / 4 stakes / 1 Fire Resist Potion / 1 Cure Disease Potion / 1 holy water / Rabbit's foot (Luck/Resist Evil)

Captain Baldbeard = 4 gold, 10 silver, 18 pieces of 8 / Harmonica / +1 dmg Cudgel / 2 stakes / Black Onyx (+1 Str/+1 Con; +10 Resist Cold/Disease/Weakness/Poison) / 1 Sleep Potion / 1 Heal Potion / tiny bell (Resist Evil) / Charmed Comb

Count Karnstein = 4 gold, 14 silver, 12 pieces of 8 / Fog Pipe / +1 Saber of Frostbite / tobacco / sun ointment / spider figurine / 1 Frost Breath Potion / 1 Heal Wounds Bandage / 1 Cure Disease

Devin = 2 gold, 12 silver, 12 pieces of 8 / +1 Rapier w/Moonstone / Silver Dagger / Moonbow / Silver Runed Lute / Rosewood Fey Flute / 1 Moonstone earring / black cat figurine / lockpick set / 2 vials lightsheen / 1 Heal Potion / 2 Heal Wounds Bandages / 2 Bandages / herb satchel / wine flask

Durik = 4 gold, 8 silver, 11 pieces of 8 / Cannon "Dakka" / +1 Cudgel of Knock-back / Leather armor / Knife / 2 stakes / 1 Garlic Grenade / 3 bandages / Happy Mug / 2 bone dice / tobacco / Turquoise Gem (-5 to taking Physical Dmg) / 1 Fire Oil / 1 Heal Potion / 1 holy water / Resist Evil Charm

Gilius = 4 gold, 10 silver, 18 pieces of 8 / Ship's Mast Staff / Eagle Feather RE charm / blowgun w/12 Needles / 1 stake / Quartz Pendant (cast Heal/Purify 3/Mission) / Druid's Orb +1 WIS, Weathercraft / Pet Rock / 1 Scroll of Revivify / Wand of Secrets (1 charge left) / 1 Flash Powder / 1 Frost Breath / 1 Heal Wounds bandage

Kyp = 4 gold, 10 silver, 22 pieces of 8 / Fishbowl Ability / +1 Rapier of Cold / Fishing Net belt, 8' / pouch of Blinding Powder / Bag of 2 Smoke Marbles / Turtle Charm +10 Turtles, +5 Def, Resist Evil / 1 Repel Zombies Potion / 1 Heal Wounds Bandage / 1 holy water

Mighty = 4 gold, 15 silver, 18 pieces of 8 / Crab Claw / +2 Mighty Cudgel of Crushing / a parrot (Cracker), a 3-headed monkey / Half-Orc Harbor Watch Leather Armor / Book, History of Monkey Island / set of 3 different sized lockpicks / 1 pig tusk earring / Monkey Charm = +1 Ag, +1 Dex + Resist Evil / 1 Fire Opal (unenhanced) / 1 Potion of Resurrection / 1 Bandage / 1 holy water

Pugwash = 4 gold, 10 silver, 10 pieces of 8 / Glass Eye / +1 Crossbow of Bloody Piercing (Bloodstone +2 Bleed) w/7 Hardened, 2 Explosive, 3 Stun Bolts / +1 Quality (Durable) Long Rapier / Crystal Flask / 1 holy water flyer / 1 Heal Wounds Bandage / 1 Bandage / 1 holy water / Resist Evil Charm
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The Ship, deck plan

See GM Message to All Crew regarding timing for Voyage Part 2

Congratulations to Mighty, the Mighty Matey - voted Most Valued Pirate (MVP) by the Crew!
Monkey is no doubt very proud! :D

Please Read: GM Message to all Crew: Last Mission, but not the End

(1 gold = 8 silver; 1 silver = 8 pieces of 8)

Refyx Fiddlemix: Alchemical Scientist & Tinkerer at your service - can make:
Limit - 1 item per order, 1 order per customer per Mission, 3 orders per day.
*Orders Available;
1 silver = Poison (single use 4 turns on blade or cudgel, or 4 bolts, lasts 1d6 turns vs Resist)
4 pieces of 8 = Weapon Oils (Fire, Acid, Frost - single use 4 turns on weapon, or 4 bolts) *do NOT work on elemental weapons
4 pieces of 8 = 2 Smoke Marbles (creates distraction/smoke cover in a 13' or 4m area, 1d4 turns)
4 pieces of 8 = 1 Flash Powder (shock and awe/blind and stun - 10' or 3m area for 1d4 turns vs resist)
4 pieces of 8 = 1 Oil of Spiderclimb (single use, climb any wall or ceiling for 1d4 turns, use glove/cloth wrapped hands)
2 pieces of 8ea = Explosive bolts (tiny Magic Missile - NOT on enemy next to Crew - exception Sharpshooter) - limit 5 per order
2 pieces of 8ea = Seeker bolts (50% greater chance to hit) - limit 3 per order
2 pieces of 8ea = Stun bolts (stuns creatures in a 10' or 3m area 1d4 turns vs Resist) - limit 3 per order

Aeshma: Healer & Witch - services offered:
Limit - 1 item per order, 1 order per customer per Mission, 3 orders per day.
*Orders Available;
free = Purify water, milk, clear liquids - except liquors
2 pieces of 8 = Heal Potion
2 pieces of 8 = Heal Wounds Bandage
4 pieces of 8 = Cure Disease Potion
4 pieces of 8 = Cure Poison Potion
4 pieces of 8 = Sleep Potion
1 silver = Potion of Fire Breath
1 silver = Potion of Frost Breath
1 silver = Potion of Acid Resistance
1 silver = Potion of Cold Resistance
1 silver = Potion of Fire Resistance
2 silver = Potion of Poison Resistance
2 silver = Potion of Mental Resistance
3 silver = Potion of Necrotic Resistance
5 silver = Potion of Clairvoyence (Info from GM about your Luck Card or Hidden aspect of Mission.
5 silver = Magickal Gem enhancement (permanent)
1 gold = Spell casting/break curses

Chapter Four - Siren Song (Interim Break)
Mission 4 - Mission End
Mission 4 - Turn 7
Mission 4 - Turn 6
Mission 4 - Turn 5
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 4
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 3
Mission 4 - Kyp Dragon Turtle Eggs
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 2
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 1
Mission 4 - Turn 8, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 7, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 6, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 5, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 4, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 3, Dragon Turtle Island Landing
Mission 4 - Turn 2, Attack of the Giant Squid
Mission 4 - Turn 1, Ship's Graveyard
Mission 4 Interim, An Enemy Revealed
Mission 4 Interim, Night Attack!
Mission 4, Briefing
Chapter Three - On Stranger Tides
GM Message to all Crew: Last Mission, but not the End

Chapter Three - On Stranger Tides
Mission 4, Briefing
Mission 4 Interim, Night Attack!
Mission 4 Interim, An Enemy Revealed
Mission 4 - Turn 1, Ship's Graveyard
Mission 4 - Turn 2, Attack of the Giant Squid
Mission 4 - Turn 3, Dragon Turtle Island Landing
Mission 4 - Turn 4, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 5, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 6, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 7, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Turn 8, Dragon Turtle
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 1
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 2
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 3
Mission 4 - Temple Turn 4
Mission 4 - Turn 5
Mission 4 - Turn 6
Mission 4 - Turn 7
Mission 4 - Mission End
Mission 4 - Kyp Dragon Turtle Eggs
Chapter Four - Siren Song (Interim Break)

Interim - Merchant comes Aboard
Mission 3, Briefing
Mission 3, Turn 1
Mission 3, Turn 2
Mission 3, Turn 3
Mission 3, Turn 4 (Last Turn)
Mission 3 Ending: Together Forever, Flying Free
Interim - Celebration!
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Each of them had seen the posted Sign-Up List. Each one had heard the rumors swirling in the taverns, across the docks and in the dens of ill-repute. A mysterious ship, a missing captain, a phantom parrot admiral with a relentless will, keen eyes on a prize, a fearsome mission, and a great treasure and vengeance to be had. A crew was needed, it was whispered, a Cursed Crew. Each had their own reasons for signing on, making their mark upon that List ... and now the time had come.

The porters and guards watched, counting as each of them passed. Some observers made signs to ward off evil, whether for themselves or for those sauntering bravely down the dock, no one quite knew. Others turned away, shivering as if cold on this warm and sunny, not quite yet autumn day. Dock hands nodded briefly, or shook their heads and continued on their own bustling way. It was apparent the Ship was being loaded and readied to sail with the night's tide. A strange tide, they said, one calculated by the moon and the stars of fate and called by ... well, who knew, really? There was strangeness enough aboard that Ship rumor said; the admiral, a druid without spells, a battlemage queen with an enchanted prince, and a witch. Not just any witch, a Bruja, skilled in the magics of many cultures, many seas.

As each aspiring new crew member proceeded further down the dock the background chatter faded, giving way to the sounds of the sea. Yet an eerie almost silence grew also. A waiting almost silence, laced with muted quiet not quite voices of strange unseen shores and fateful opportunity. A waiting presence, a beckoning lure ... a chance, it promised ... a chance. A chance of what it didn't quite say. Adventure? Glory? Treasures? Camaraderie? Mystery? Vengeance? A Chance. No prey, no pay.

The Ship sat at the end of the dock, bow pointed to the open seas. It was a smaller galleon, sleek and swift and made for speedy passage and quick maneuvering. The Ship was a sailor's dream, or nightmare, depending. Its unnatural nature became more apparent to each of them as they approached. The Ship had presence. It didn't so much ride upon the waves, as it had the waves swirl around it. Spectral energies ebbed and flowed about it in iridescent greenish hues, and in those were held a supernatural calm, as if the Ship had condescended to be in this world, yet not quite a part of it. Across the stern of the Ship were markings ... letters? ... maybe runes? They changed like living eldritch beings, again not quite of this world. Closer now, each of them could see the bow come into view, and the figurehead carved there. There a huge peculiarly real-looking undead penguin poised in mid-dive, its eyes watching them, measuring them, as if amused as each finally stepped upon the gangplank.

There was a flurry of activity at the top of that gangplank as Captain Radaggarb called out the stowage of each item in between snatches of rhyme.

"Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul
Yo ho, heave-ho! ...
The stowing of treasure,
now that be the goal ..." He points to another dock hand.

Dumb 'the left handed' Parrot nods and shifts a net of crates being lowered down from overhead. Everything seems to be done in some chaotic yet mesmerizing dance. Barrels were being sorted, provisions stowed, cargo disappearing down the cargo access to be secured somewhere below.

Perched on a railing on the forecastle watching it all was a bird, a large phantasmal parrot it appeared to be, with iridescent ghostly feathers of a more intense greenish hue growing out over a skeletal bird form. Beside it ('her,' something tells them) was a dwarf, holding an oddly weathered grey staff which sparkled with occasional sea glass. Here and there a few strands of vine-like seaweed seems to grow from the old wood. The dwarf watched warily as the dock hand Lucky John Forty Barrels shifted another large load of barrels labelled "Ol Nick's Rum" over to the access and down into the hold where another dock hand, Silverdog the Greedy, was waiting to stow them. On the other side of the forecastle deck stood a Halfling with a regal bearing, a strange glittering black eye-patch with an odd crowned eye symbol on it, and a large albatross perched beside her. By the fore mast sat a large study chest, bound with strong straps, and beside it stood an older woman, her silver-streaked black hair worn in long braided locks and intertwined with various charms. A sense of deep long-enduring power clung to her. That, then, must be the rumored Bruja.

* * * * *

"I would advise ye to stay clear of those," Polly said to Gilius as she heard the dwarf sigh at the sight of so many barrels of Ol' Nick's Rum. "They may be needed, and we'll be seein' if they are, but YE don't be needin' any o' that. I be likin' ye well enough with yer wits." She winked at the dwarf.

One by one the Crew was beginning to come aboard, except for two who were already here; the dwarf who had sought her out to enlist her aid and pledge his, and the halfling battlemage lady, somehow given back to life and rescued from the waves. The Ship had already accepted each of them, intermeshing with their being, understanding each one's unique spirit and desires, working its way ever so slightly to alter ... something. They belonged to the Ship now, they belonged to the Crew, and it would be a while before these new brethren understood what that meant ... but they would learn.

Polly watched each of the new brethren closely as the spectral energies of the Ship swirled about and embraced them. She could tell when each first felt that momentary sinking sensation, that small tug way down inside their very being, then a settling. Yes, they would settle in. It was a fine bunch, so much better than patchwork zombies. This Crew had mettle, spirit, creativity. Polly greatly preferred that. She looks to the horizon. It is sundown, nearly time then ... and still a few crew short ...

* * * * *

Count Klaus Karnstein, you have waited until just after sundown to make your way to the ship, keeping your hooded black overcoat close and ignoring the ignorant muttering of the port townsfolk as you quickly stride to the dock. There it is, a Ship that to your eyes is black as Night, yet more. It calls to you. Picking up your step you ascend the gangplank to pause at the top. You almost heed the call and move to step aboard, then stop. You look over to the spectral parrot at the forecastle.

Polly's eyes sharpen, then glow with greenish fire. "Welcome aboard, Count Karnstein," is all she says, but it is enough.

Tradition satisfied, you move forward, only to stop again as the spectral energy reaches out to embrace you. Some of your strength deserts you and you feel paralyzed as the weirding reaches into your very blood and bone, assessing, morphing, remaking. Your heart constricts, then beats hard against your chest. Polly only watches, eyes glowing, then nods slightly as the paralysis and feeling of being overwhelmed fades. For the first time in a very long time you actually feel the coolness of the sea breeze.

* * * * *
Yes, Polly thinks to herself. She prefers this thinking, creative Crew. Still ... eying the fearsome Cap'n Barfdeck Rummyfangs as the Felinoid finally leaves off his cattin' around the port and arrives to step upon the main deck, Polly makes a subtle gesture with a wing and a deck bucket slides over beside him. One does like a clean deck, after all. One could almost imagine a slight twinkle in that unblinking parrot gaze.

Introduction posted. You may now post yourselves aboard.
Berth/bunking assignment, Cursed Weapon choice, descriptions and weighing anchor will come soon.

The Ship, deck plan;
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[Edit - In fer Best Pirateer]

Bellandra eyed the galleon. She noted how the waves did not lash upon it, but swirled about, giving way to greenish energies where foam would have been. The sea itself seemed to repel it, or did it repel the sea? She grinned. This was a bold ship, not one to meekly follow where the waves led. It was no good, and it was up to no good. And yet it was perfect. This was a ship that would chart its own course, law and nature be damned.

She took a particularly close look at the figurehead on the prow. An undead penguin in mid-dive it was, a strange combination of the graceful, ungainly, humorous and terrifying. Yet underneath, she felt a kinship to the figurehead. "Tis a strange form ye take, lass. Are ye like me, strange sister?" she whispered. "Does your wooden heart yearn to beat, your beak yearn to move?" The penguin offered no response, and Bellandra shivered. "Or be I like thee, not truly alive after all?" She steeled herself. "No, 'tis not so! The life I have be earned! And mayhap ye can earn life too, strange sister, fer these tides be as strange as we be. Watch o'er our waters now."

She saw dockhands loading up many barrels and crates, including barrels of rum. "Well at least we'll be having a merry time of it" she thought and waved cheerily to the dockhands. One of them, a captain by the looks of it, was singing a pirate rhyme, and there was even a parrot bobbing along to the music. She listened for awhile and felt inspired to add to it.

"The tale be tall, the winds have told
Yo ho, heave-ho!
I'll risk it all for fame and gold
Yo ho, heave-ho!
To heroes' hall, by deeds so bold, by glory and treachery -
I'll heed the call, of seas so cold, a pirate's life for me!"

She then strode up the gangplank, observing the curious crew assembled on board so far. Two humans, a dwarf and a halfling, and a felinoid. There were also two birds on board, an albatross and a strange ethereal parrot. "Hmm, two birds and a felinoid, that will be interesting." She could sense a feeling determination and a hint of hidden powers that clung to them. It was a good start to a crew. So she boldly approached them and introduced herself.

"Ahoy, me fine fellows, I be Bellandra, and I be amongst the finest crewmembers on these shores. Fair of form, sturdy of frame..." She curtseyed, a surprisingly elaborate movement or countless hidden wooden joints turning and rotating. Then she suddenly shifted her form into a battle stance, pulling out her cutlass in a swift movement. "...and to all foes, a dreaded bane!" She laughed and holstered the cutlass, rising up. "Aye, I be at yer service my fair crewmates."
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Baldbeard sauntered on board, tossing his cudgel about playfully, in intentional sharp contrast to the solemn atmosphere around him. Stepping off the gangplank on to the ship itself, he felt a sudden chill that shot to his very being. Hwacking a gob of spit off the side of the ship for good luck, he buried the feeling so it wouldn't show on his face, he looked around, sizing up the occupants on the boat.
He gives a whistle and a wave to the brooding group up on the forecastle deck, a quick wink to Bellindra, and makes his way to the captain. Trying to keep a friendly and commanding presence, fighting his instincts, he gives a friendly back-slap to the felinoid by way of greeting.

"Aye Cap'n, reportin' fer duty! If ye don't mind me askin', I noticed the list of crew ye hired from this here port, but not yerself and yer other passengers, and have little clue of our cargo. Could ye enlighten me? Dinna mind me, I've cap'ned me own ship before, and I usually let 'em see the logbook and manifest. Baldbeard at yer service!"
Sitting perched on the roof of a nearby warehouse, quite aware of it being his father's heritage allowing him to be comfortable this far off the ground, Grog'tial was eyeing what would be his home for the next couple of weeks - days, perchance, if he could find out what he needed swiftly enough. A three-master with a storied history, and a powerful presence. From his vantage point, he could see onto the main deck, where a large patch right below the crow's nest was obviously patched up with newer planks, not too many years ago. This matched the whispered stories which had led him here.

He observed his "fellow crewmates" slowly trickling their way onto the ship. It wouldn't do to appear too eager, showing up as early, like that dwarf captain or that earlier... mostly human-looking figure. Yet he should also not allow himself to be counted among the stragglers! What was that dwarf's aim with showing up so early though? Was he one of his half-brother's agents? That would fit with the way he was trying to ingratiate himself with the Felinoid (right before the Felinoid sauntered off for what looked like a final loop around port), completely oblivious to the real power on board this vessel... Still, the abundance of captains on board - with none of them obviously in charge - was worrisome. It also seemed suspiciously too easy, finally getting a solid lock on one of his half-brother's agents. He'd have to move carefully here. For once, better not try to turn him, but simply ignore and observe.

The dwarf and other figures on the forecastle didn't seem to pay particular attention to the dwarf captain either. That could certainly be an act - and he'd probably lie awake tonight, figuring out the implications of it being one - but assuming that he himself was still unobserved, the prudent course would be to operate as if these two dwarves were not yet working together in any plot against him.

Soon, he too would be making his way onto the ship, but for now, he continued to observe.


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Argy has trouble boarding the ship, encumbered as she is with all kind of pots, pans, spoons, knives and kitchen paraphernalia. In her hands she is carrying a steaming covered pot with the words "#arrot soup" engraved on it (the first letter seems to have been hastily scratched out) -Carrot soup! Carrot soup fer all me fellow crewmates! - shouts out loud. The soup, however, seems to have too few carrots to earn that title. It seems more to be some kind of chicken soup. In any case, it can't be argued that it smells (and probably tastes) delicious.

After sharing the soup with other members of the crew, she heads to the kitchen, ready to take her place in it. But few seconds later, she emerges back onto the deck, visibly irritated. She furiously drops most of her stuff on the floor and smashes a dented pan against a barrel, before heading to the berth deck.
-a jolly nap will make ye see things oth'wise, as me old dad used to say.
She jumps into a hammock, decided to stay there for a long time.
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A cacophony of barnyard noises heralds the arrival of Pugwash. The stoic hater of salt can't tolerate preserved provisions, so Pugwash took the initiative to provide his own fresh produce. A half dozen chickens for eggs and a cow for milk.

Pugwash supervises the loading of the animals and feed, before boarding the ship. Following his nose, he finds his way to Argy and politely requests that no more #arrot soup be cooked using his chickens, at least not until the feed runs out.

A final thought occurs to Pugwash whilst he waited for the remainder of the crew. If this is a cursed crew, is it also a cursed cow?
While the sun was lazily disappearing behind horizon, Count conducted the final preparations before leaving the mansion (well, mere townhouse in fact). After double-checking all is intact and as suppose to be in every corner of every room, he handed over a pouch of coin to Igor, looking him deeply in the eye. This fella was dumb as a doornail, but boy, he was a loyal servant if Count ever saw one. Igor already took luggage to the port earlier that day.

Looking outside the window, the decision has been made - it was time, all right. I've been idlin' here far longer than enough already, time to do something venturous like in old days. Who knows, maybe somethin' good will come out of this whole shiteshow? Well, probably not. The announcement sounded so ludicrous that he just had to sign-up. It might be even funnier than the halfling circus we had last year. - was his initial thought.

Wearing his usual cloak, he moved swiftly through still busy streets to the harbor. There it was, for some reason he knew on the first glance which vessel will be boarding in a moment. Maybe because of this ridiculous "thing" posing as figurehead. What the hell is that suppose to be?! A platypus maybe? I heard of those creatures, mighty ugly bastards indeed. Apart from that, the ship looks not too bad, I expected worse. It ain't Mircalla but seems seaworthy all right. Oh, and why is that filthy thug eyein' me from the roof? Get a job, scum. People in this town...

Not wasting any time, carefully scanning the surroundings, he proceeded onboard, where be greeted by... A blasted bird, no less. Splendid. Dwarves. Fearsome drunkards those fellas. Wenchies. Cats. Damn, we should take a bets whether this ship will go down before or after leavin' harbor. Are there any redheads by chance too? I can't quite see... Then it struck him. That was... strange and unexpected. Suddenly I feel very confused. Not a time to familiarize with crew now, I need to find me private cabin. Wait, I got one, right?


Sidenote: It's well known superstition among seamen, that women and redheads on board bring bad luck. Not implying any prejudices to the character :D
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Grog'tial frowns at the perceptive ... figure, and wonders what it is with all the not-quite-humans on this ship. Still, the time to slip on board had come anyway, so he carefully makes his way down to ground level, enjoying the feel of solid ground under his feet for the last time in quite a while.

Putting a jovial-looking grin onto his face, and a swagger in his step, he walks on board and starts to participate in the awkward getting-to-know-each-other-while-pretending-to-just-a-bit-tougher-than-reality song and dance, aiming for a pretend level of toughness somewhere only slightly above average for this pack.
While loadin' the supplies onto the ship, The Whirlpool Machine was still intrigued by the events wit' the gambler the night afore:
10 times in a row me lost guessin' the number he was thinkin' o'. I always said Naught, he ne'er took the bait.
9 times me lost 'cause he guessed the number I was thinkin' o': Naught!
Then me heartey crewmate notices me luck 'n joins the game. He whispers t' me: Bet all-in 'n guess thar's a shark in his mind. Dear Davy Jones, I won! How's a shark a number? 'n why did the happy gambler give me all his gold runnin' away mighty scared? I was already thinkin' on Naught, he must 'ave imagined it.
Arrr! Me care nah, this pirate won enough t' send it t' this unknown Nigerian uncle via a pigeon service! Ahoy!
Character background and introduction carried over from the other thread (embarking narrative coming soon):
AHOY, me hearties!
Have me been a landlubber fer too long? Aye, me'thinks!

Fer all these years, me been a landlubber travellin' through the lands. But then me met an old salt in a village with an oxcart full'o booty. And me'thought, avast, it be the time to sail under the Jolly Roger and brave the briny deep. So me stands before you Cap'n, with a dream to drink casks of grog and bumbo, pillage booty and have some salmagundi.

Bhrigu, the human wanderer, has travelled many villages and towns of his land as a teller of stories and a writer of poems. He earned his coin by the virtue of his knowledge of the letters and his much prized pen and inkwell. A gatherer of stories has decided to join the cursed crew in search of tales that await him on the high seas and distant islands. He brings with him a bag full of books, head full of doubts (he is indecisive), and a sabre that was gifted to him by a cavalry officer after bhrigu composed a poem for him as he was returning to his family after two whole years.

When Bhrigu reached the port town, it was already past the early hours of night. The streets were empty barring the nightwatch and the occassional rogue. The only sign of life came from the taverns that dotted the main street. Our culturally conscious connoisseur of contemporary and historic tales softly opened the wooden door to The Red Lion and entered. Inside a scene full of merrimaking unfolded itself before his eyes, eyes long unaccustomed to such mirth. People were drinking from wooden mugs, consuming freshly caught seafood, and a romantic comedy was being performed on the stage. Bhrigu took seat on an empty stool and asked the inkeeper for some ale and smoked squid, which was served with some exotic fruits from a distance land. "These fellers just made port last night from the East, and they managed to sneak some of these yellow fruits out of the ship for me" exclaimed the inkeep, aged, gruffy, but somewhat amicable. The fruit was soft, juicy and tasted like the smell of honey during a summer evening rain. The play was approaching its climax, the characters were to untangle the confusion of mistaken identities and make amends to live happily ever after. Bhrigu had decided to venture out into the unknown. He pressed a silver coin on the countertop, and asked the innkeep if he would be kind enough to direct him to the ship comandeered by Captain J and Admiral Polly. The old man sighed as if for a moment the memory of someone weighed upon his chest, then nodded his head. "Aye, I can point you to the ship in the mornin', but you don't seem to be no seafarin' type", he said. "I am not" Bhrigu explained his journey as a collector of stories, "I am looking forward to a journey full of journaling and a voyage made of verses". How did he chanced upon this opportunity of being a part of "the Cursed Crew" , asked the innkeep, his voice hushed as he uttered those words. Our literary traveller stayed silent for a few moments, and then started reciting his new composition.

Once a summer years ago
in a land where river Brine did flow
a village lived
in sorrow
as the youth had gone
all to the sea
a place steeped in misery
where people dressed in poverty
as the youth had all gone to the sea

on an evening cold
an evening dark
a stranger came
and asked for work
the elders said that they can't pay
they only trade in rotten luck

the stranger's eyes
burned like fire
as he was travellin'
through the shire
to meet who are in misery
to write a tale melancholy

"you see, sire, I'm quite well fed
a shed to stay, a spare bed,
permission to keep my head
as I collect your tragic dice
in this game of comb and lice
tell me of the vices old that
close to old hearts you hold
from where stems your tragedy
show me sire how do you fold"

the elders looked aghast at first
but then pointed fingers to the past
how those who left had gone to the sea
so they can back to the village bring
grog and gold to cure their plight
chests full of golden sunlight
so the villagers can live like free
and drink and live so merrily

the stranger smelled the whif of tales
that clung to shells of sea turtles
to the hilts of the swords
and the keel of the ships
a life full of risks
but a life full of glee
O would he sail in the sea
for a life full of gold
and a life full of glee

"So I decided to be a part of such adventure and try my luck in looking for treasure", said Bhrigu. The inkeep, keeping his silence, passed him an extra plate of that exotic fruit. "It is called 'mengo' they say" the old man said, "apprently 'men go crazy' for these fruits in the summer, they say". Bhrigu rented a room and retired to it. It was sparsely decorated, but on the table lay a small volume titled "How to Speak like a Pirate by Cap'n B". "You'll need it", a note stuck on the cover read.
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The early morning sun had just risen above the forests to the north of the town, when Bhrigu came out of The Red Lion. He adjusted his hat, tightened the strap on his trusty satchel, rubbed the side of his right shoe on the reddish soil and started for the dock whereto the innkeep had directed him. The morning crowd were up and about, swiftly turning through the streets like a nimble mountain stream, with a complete disregard for the leftover of last night's revelry, including the drunks snoring by the side of the streets. The air smelled of coal smoke, fresh bread, stale fish, and limitless possibilities. Trying his best to avoid crashing into the swift moving townspeople, our benevolent buccaneer made it to the docks.

A small rabble had gathered, attracted and repelled in equal degree by the unearthly grandeur that the ship exuded. The stern of the ship attracted Bhrigu's attention, as something was written there in signs unknown to him, in spite of his travels through different lands. Did the letters just squirmed, or was it a trick played by the mind. He decided to take a brisk walk around the docks before walking up the gangplank. The narrow streets were emblematic of the any-dock, all he had seen before. Placards on the walls advertised miracle cures for infertility and advice to please one's lucky stars, invited the thirsty to the alehouses and other less savoury establishments, and warned of the pirates roaming the nearby waters. The last bit made Bhrigu smile a little.

While passing an abandoned storefront with windows barred with planks that had already started to rot, something caught his eyes. His alert gaze immediately realised that the wooden pipe used to lock the rusty old door bolt was infact a scroll holder. He looked left and right, and in a quick effortless movement picked it up and started walking towards an empty part of a nearby pier. After he sat down and opened the container, a small roll of parchment fell on his hand, and he had to take great care not to damage the brittle paper as he unrolled it. It was a map of some island, with direction to reach it written down, that was comepletely incomprehensible to Bhrigu. There was something about breadfruits and sea turtles written on the margins, and the crude drawing of a mask. "The Cap'n or some other crew member might figure what this is, methinks!" he said to himself, and returned to the ship.

The ship had, by now, become much more active, with rations being hauled into it, and a cast of diverse crew members gathering on the pier and gradually making their way onto the deck. The crowd, half terrified and half fascinated, gasped as Bhrigu passed them to embark on the ship, his appearance somehow unsuitable to that of the ship. Scarce could they understand the fire for an epic adventure tale that had build its nest in his heart. Noticing the undead penguin on the bow he remebered that it was an ancient symbol for "Free and Open Sea Shanties", and thought that this voyage will surely be an interesting one. As he walked up the gangplank and landed on the deck with a small hop, he shouted his greetings to Admiral Polly. While he was getting exalted at the friendly wave back from the Admiral, he suddenly felt a strange pull in his chest. The moment appeared to have stretched itself into minutes and his mind seemed to moving in dimensions hitherto unknown to him, bot terrifying his human soul and fascinating his wanderer's thirst. As if the depth that the sea held had started to expand his world, and he felt a strange light shining at the abyssal depth, that rose slowly and melted in the mellow morning air. Bhrigu looked at his sabre, secured safely in his cummerbund, and for a moment thought that the hilt shone with an unknown colour.

He suddenly snapped out of the stupor and noticed some of the crew already present on the ship. A bald dwarf with a remarkable beard was whistling a merry tune, a halfling woman was taking stock of an enormous variety of pots and pans and other knick-knacks, a dwarf was being followed by a train of cattle, a half- orc was struggling to tie a coin pouch to a messenger pigeon. Another dwarf was sitting on the taffrail and observing the movements carefully, and a young lass stood looking at the horizon with dreamy eyes, one hand on her cutlass another held a bottle of rum. Bhrigu now turned towards the stern and saw the figure of a woman who seemed sombre and composed, and exuded an aura of unfathomable power. "She must be Captain J" thought Bhrigu, and went ahead to introduce himself. "Ahoy Cap'n! Me be Bhrigu the wanderer, who travels for tales. And now me devotes me services to you, the ship and all me fellow picaroon!" said he.

The day was still young, the crew was still gathering, the future held endless possibilities.
Headin' t' board the ship, even in the midst o' the tumult,
Larissa opens a bag that immediately draws the crowd's attention away
from her sheathed clothin' (an ankle-length fur cape wit' a huge hood)
t' the contents: Impossible t' ignore the delicious fragrance
that emanated from thar
-Aye, dear ones, everyone come closer, a wee gift from our crew
fer all the hospitality that this dock has shown us these days
It's lavender 'n coconut soap bars fer ye, hearties
Much better 'n 30 times cheaper than those from the ports o' Marseille 'n London!
'n do ye know why? They be made right here, in the newly opened business
o' Emilio Salgari, our dear partner, here nigh the dock.
'n ye know, screw the crown taxes 'n all thar nonsense!
Demand DRM-Free trade fer everyone, anytime!
The crowd soon gathered t' receive thar sample soap
with semblance o' joy 'n hope.

A classic o' Larissa, friendship 'n fair businesses altogether.
Upon boardin', she greets each crew hand.
She does nah skimp on natterin' t' each one 'n thankin' 'em
fer thar participation in this new soap business they be startin'.
The phrase "Pirates together 'n free forever!"
seals the mutual displays o' camaraderie wit' all o' 'em

Foot note: Gee! This pirate talking its taking away
all the precious periods, apostrophes & ampersands
Ive saved during years on this forum. The reason:
The pirate translator doesnt work well
if apostrophes are eaten, or the "&" used...
Not to mention the forced carriage returns
I like to use to keep the text lines short... :S