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Riotact: Release Date Jul 24th

Latest Patch Notes :

Patch Notes
Update July 2nd (Content Complete)
Full Story
All cutscenes
German localization
English and German voiceovers
New Dungeon: The Shunned Manor
New Boss Fight: Lord Gabriel
Lots of new Legendary Weapons - double the existing amount
New Item: Gift Box
Hard Mode: Higher monster difficulty; all 5 Hexes permanently turned on
Elite Challenges: A new set of challenges made available after the story has been completed

Balanced level rewards; added Gift Boxes in rewards
Renown levels grant Gift Boxes as reward
Balanced Boss loot
Decreased duration of Weakness condition inflicted by some monsters
Shotgun damage increased, Aimed Shot damage multiplier increased
Lightning Gun damage increased

The entire story and all related features are in the game. We're now working on additional goodies (Treasure Hunts, Bounties, PvP arena, etc).
No, it's not here. Get out of here, stalker :P
Ganni1987: Really hoping this game comes here, Action RPG is one of my favorite genre and hopefully Tropico 5 comes along with it since it's made by the same developer.
Grargar: Nah, it's totally not coming. :P
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