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SCPM: Creative Assembly's next title will be a one-year Epic Store exclusive, however their news post mentions the following:
"As mentioned, and like others in the industry, a key reason for exploring other digital stores is that we don’t want to be limited just to Steam. We also want to diversify our business. In fact, we want to get our games onto as many stores as possible. Long term, we want to expand where players find Total War. This deal gives us a great way to try out other platforms, such as Epic – to see what works for us and what doesn’t. It allows us to get a feel for the development required to expand to other platforms, and it’s relatively risk-free for you, too, as the game’s available for free when claimed in the first 24 hours.

This opportunity allows expansive back-end infrastructure development that will allow us to expand into multiple stores. That means we can have more resources, push ourselves further, be more creative, make more Total War. "
Creative Assembly and by extension SEGA games would be great. It's not as impossible as I would have considered it before, as GOG has been more successful this year in getting bigger studios to bring their games to GOG.
Well, SEGA is GOG already... with one title :P
Prah: Well, SEGA is GOG already... with one title :P
Haha technically yes... but that was from Atlus before being bought by Sega, as soon as the contract with GOG expires, it will be removed from store. The same almost happened with Tesla Effect, but with this the developers took over its publishing rights.
With EA bringing more games to Steam (Crysis 3, Dragon Age 2, etc.), maybe this is a sign they're willing to bring more to GOG in the near-ish future (unless the Origin client requirement is something they will not give up)
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This thread should be renamed to: Wild speculations that a game might be released here ( not even vague signs)