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I purchased UT2004 through GOG only a couple years ago (you're probably asking, "Why wait until 2017 to buy a 2004 game?" Because I was still having too much fun with UT99, that's why.). It's fun, but I find I'm really missing some of the mutators that existed for UT99, like Chaos UT (which shipped with UT99 GOTY) and a player-created mutator called Carry the Flag. For those not familiar with those:

* Chaos UT provided alternate versions of the game's weapons without replacing the defaults. I'm especially missing the alternates for the Redeemer like the Gravity Vortex (a thrown hand-held device that essentially creates a portable black hole, sucking in anyone within its radius [including you if you don't run fast enough]) and Auto Turret (a fixed location pet with dual Pulse Cannons and dual Rocket Launchers, it could be destroyed and had a set amount of health, would self-destruct about 30 seconds after running out of ammo [although you or a team mate could reload it at will, and if completely out of ammo an opposing team member could reload it and take it over for their team]). Also missing Proxy Mines (spherical grenades with smily faces that could be thrown or launched with the Flak Cannon and could be set to lie in wait until an opponent entered aggro radius [at which point they would bounce along following the target, saying things like "Don't run away, let's be friends" and "My mommy can run faster than that"]) and the Crossbow (Sniper Rifles are fun and all, but the Crossbow was totally silent and had three types of ammo: normal, poisoned [caused the target's movement rate to dramatically slow and caused damage over time] and explosive [often an instagib]).

* Carry the Flag. This did not replace the Capture the Flag mode, but was highly configurable. It could be set to behave exactly like Capture the Flag (but what's the point of that?), but on default settings simply touching your team's dropped flag would not teleport it back to base. You had to pick it up and carry it back to base, often resulting in magnificent fragfests in which the flag changed hands many times. Also, if already carrying the opposing team's flag, you had to decide whether to: (a) hide until a team mate picked up your team's flag and returned it to base, (b) drop the opposing team's flag and run your team's flag back to base, or (c) choose a flag and defend the other until a team mate could reach you and grab the other flag.

I've searched many UT websites, but I am just not seeing anything for UT2004 that attempts to do what these mutators did for 99. Does anyone know if such things exist?
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