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In Mini Metro, you take on the task of designing the subway layout for a rapidly expanding city. Your city starts with three stations and you draw routes between these stations to connect them with subway lines.

Now, this awesome building and managerial simulator has received Boston Update! It includes a brand new map featuring Boston, Massachusetts - home of the USA’s oldest subway system, as well as various small bug fixes and performance tweaks, including a small adjustment to audio processing on some maps.

Boston’s historic metro is celebrating its 125th anniversary, so come take a tour! See if you can recreate the “T” and connect the famous Boston Olde Towne, which spans 23 neighborhoods, the Charles River, and more!

Time to give the commuters new great routes!
oh, very nice, thanks for the update.
Mini Motorways when?
How about releasing Mini Motorways on GOG, devs? Dear lord, what is wrong with you?
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I know this one from Steam – and I really liked the game.
I was not expecting a Mini Metro update before seeing Mini Motorways brought over here, Weird.
This would mean that the GOG version is more updated than the itch version, which was last updated in 2021.
Great game with minimal graphic, played on mobile too. Free update with extra Boston map? Thank you very much! ^
You can win Mini Metro by posting in this thread

edit: Mini Motorways looks good! Thanks for letting know. Cars have the potential of being ecological and will always need roads, as for flying objects there are air corridors. Mini Aeroplanes?
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I hate the circles! ;)