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Godhood has just received new milestone update, called "Create Your Own Religion". Save 20% on Godhood until October 26th, 5pm UTC.

New update introduces three new systems: religious development, which allows to develop your religion in different ways; religious tenets to further define your religion in addition to Commandments and Crystal Skulls & World Map Challenge, which adds new resource required to perform Sacraments.

Other changes include expanded recruitment mechanics, new buildings and relics, economy overhaul and better world map with lots of new encounters.
Goodhood --> Godhood.

This update seems interesting. Not sure I'm ready to drop C$25 on an in-dev game, though.
avatar Save 20% on Goodhood until October 26th, 5pm UTC.
Very short promo .
Will buy when out of indev. Looks good.
I'm very much interested, but I don't do ID/EA.
> New update introduces ... Crystal Skulls
avatar Save 20% on Goodhood until October 26th, 5pm UTC.
i_hope_you_rot: Very short promo .
Well, I guess it could be due to the beginning of Halloween Sale. The "other big" games shop is said to be starting it on October 28 and GOG is trditionally preemting...