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Stuff: [...]
Apparently the game doesn't include BtH expansion. You might want to change it, at least until GOG straightens out the facts.
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Thiev: ...
POD Gold A :
POD Gold B :
POD Gold C :

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Beautiful covers! Really great work.

figgymanna: Here is my attempt at a cover for Painkiller
Great work! Thanks!
Little Big Adventure
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Stuff: Thiev, not many cover images out there, if better is submitted, please delete this one, thanks
Or I can give you front image from this one:

Thiev: ...
Yours is much better, just delete mine if you have it posted, thanks . . . =)
Broken Sword 4: The Angel Of Death -
Broken Sword Combo Pack 2 -

Also released in US as Secrets of the Ark :

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Great idea and wonderful covers :) I decided to try and make my own GOG game cover.

Nox -

[Size: 27,3x18,2 cm (10,747x7,203 inches); 300 dpi; 3,76 MB]

It's a bit big though. Feel free to use or comment.
WinterWerewolf: ...
Nice work ! All covers are welcome so Thiev will probably post it on the cover page when she logs on next time.

I would suggest making your template 300 dpi at 1,890 x 1260 in size. If you look at the top of the cover list you will see printing instructions for this size cover. We did raise the dpi to 300 for a better quality but kept the same size as the original covers to make the covers consistent from old to new. I'll attach a cover template for the standard size. Just open it and save as a psd and you should have good template . . . =)

I also try to maintain the file size between 800 KB and around 1.2 MB but feel free to keep your current template dims and size if it works better for you. Maybe add some printing instructions for the larger size.

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Stuff, it's too bad you deleted your link. I would have liked to have seen your cover you spent time on, just to toss. The more options the better, right? =)

I came across something that may help some of you out there. If you get your covers from MobyGames, here is a trick to DL the covers with NO WATERMARK.

Right click the cover.
Select Copy Image Location.
In the Url, replace the word /large/ with /original/
You may have to replace .jpg with .png



alostsol: ...
Thanks alostsol, great information. The hardest part of making a cover is finding a high res cover image. I will give your suggestion a try . . . =)

Edit: I assume you refer to my Darklands cover??
You're welcome to a copy if you want one.

I spend more time looking for good cover images than I do making the covers . . . =)
With older games being released it seems even more difficult to find decent images. Thiev finds some great ones and I stumble across a good one now and again.

I've posted a few that made me cringe to look at them . . . =D

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