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Stuff: The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition A:
The Outer worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition B:

Silver Box Classic:
Great thanks for SilverBox and M&M covers!
winterwulf: can't see the spreadsheet
That spreadsheet was created and maintained by Thiev. She later obsoleted the sheet and created a Google Doc which I think she stopped maintaining around 2012? I don't read the threads much these days but I think Thiev left the GOG staff some time ago?

I only post my covers in this thread which are linked to the actual cubeupload site. However, my old posts with "i.cubeupload" in the link no longer work as they simply lead to a site login at "Laravel Nova". Links with "u.cubeupload" in the link work as expected. No idea what that is about. If you want one of my older covers and can find no working links let me know and I will try to find the original psd file.

You can find most cover links at the two sites below, not sure if they are maintained nowadays so new cover links would be found in this thread.

AnarionGollum: Great thanks for SilverBox and M&M covers!
You're welcome =)
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Frostpunk GOTY Edition:
Didn't this used to be stickied at the top, so it's easy to find?
Can it be re-stickied please?
I went ahead and made a cover for the leaked upcoming Gog- release of Half Life 3: