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And my version of:

Deus Ex - Invisible War
>>> Old Cover List <<<
This cover list will not contain any covers for games released after November 07, 2011. It is no longer being updated.
Up-to-date Cover List can be found on Google Docs <span class="bold">-&gt;:: here ::&lt;-</span>
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena -
Torchlight -
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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena
Again great job everyone, loving all the different styles and choices in covers.
Two great games and another two covers:

The Chronicles of Riddick - Assault on Dark Athena

To The Moon -
Blitzkrieg Anthology -
I wish I had better graphic arts skills. Had some help cleaning up the titles from a friend on these. Here goes, custom covers for the Geneforge Series. Hard to find suitable art for these with the exception of Geneforge 5. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Geneforge 1

Geneforge 2 A
Geneforge 2 B
Geneforge 2 C

Geneforge 3 A
Geneforge 3 B

Geneforge 4 A
Geneforge 4 B

Geneforge 5 A
Geneforge 5 B
Geneforge 5 C
Geneforge 5 D
Geneforge 5 E
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Gemini Rue -
Uplink -
Multiwinia -
Pirates! Gold Plus -
Tomb Raider 4+5 -
Interstate '82 -
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident -
Ceville -
te_lanus: Just a quick one:

Deus Ex: Invisible War
Just a quick time use png...jpg makes the text/pics look like bleh.

Otherwise a good cover designwise.
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Is the template available for download in some hidden location? I can't find it for the life of me...
jamyskis: ...
Open the attached and save as a psd or whatever your program of choice requires to create a template. This is the standard size I used (300 dpi) but some folks are using other sizes. It was always easier to post this template than post a large psd. The GOG logos are available on the GOG site IIRC. Google for the Windows logos.

If you can't find the logos, let me know and I will post them here.