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Staying on track.

<span class="bold">Transport Fever</span>, the railroad-focused simulator, just received a significant update and is now 30% off. Celebrate with our <span class="bold">Special Transport Sale</span>, containing more choo-chooing goodness up to -80%.

This update brings several key improvements to the visuals, user interface, and gameplay, as well as some welcome bug fixes. They all promise to make your life easier and building your railroad dynasty even more enjoyable.

To celebrate, the game is now 30% off. But if you want to try your hand at a different member of the transport simulation family, check out our <span class="bold">Special Sale</span>, which includes SimCity 3000, SimCity 4, Theme Park, and more, up to -80%.

All discounts will last until July 31, 4PM UTC.
eiii: Is it still worth to buy Train Fever when the developers have switched to Transport Fever and Transport Fever seems to contain anything Train Fever has? Or does Train Fever offer anything which Transport Fever does not have?
I'm honesty trying to remember what Transport Fever lacks from Train Fever (I had Train Fever and was playing it constantly on Steam before I asked that my account be deleted). From doing some research and remembering the dozens of hours of gameplay I've had on both games, Transport Fever really doesn't lack anything from Train Fever, except I know for a fact that it was easier to install mods on the first game. Note that Train Fever didn't have Steam Workshop support, but if you knew what you were doing with the game's file trees mods were easy to install and run.

With Transport Fever, the Steam Workshop integration for me has for some reason caused mods to be more difficult to install (remember, my Steam account is gone and my copy of Transport Fever is the GOG version).
Other than that Transport Fever = Train Fever x 2 in functions, modes of transport, et cetera.
TodaysLoneWolf: Other than that Transport Fever = Train Fever x 2 in functions, modes of transport, et cetera.
That's what I assumed. So I rather save the money and wait for a better discount on Transport Fever. Thanks!