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I suppose the saving grace at the moment is John Wick is very popular. Otherwise I would worry for Keanu’s career after involvement in cyberpunk, then this follow up to two frankly quite poor matrix films.
rtcvb32: Matrix Resurrections compared to Last Jedi

Oh no... This does not bode well. It's categorized as a 'comedy', and mixed reviews.

Likely to be a disappointment.
Crosmando: Not surprising, it's not like Reloaded or Revolutions were great films.
Reloaded/Revolutions could use a touchup on the CGI, though I'll agree. The original matrix got you to think in different ways with something new and a plot that you got lost in until you understood more of the world. Reloaded/Revolutions were... more of the same but with emphasis on politics and philosophical that wasn't for us but for Neo and we were left out.

Watching trailer reactions (a few months ago) someone commented the other characters looked like California teenage grifters who had never had a hardship or work a day in their life yet they were part of the resistance. That and everything being CGI takes away when you really need to mix CGI and practical effects for it to work, too high an emphasis on CGI makes you check out as it has no bearing on reality physics or the rules we have to abide by.

The Last Jedi (and all of Disney Star Wars) had the look but not the heart feel or even good writing of what people wanted, along with convoluted storyline of maguffins and giant plotholes when you think about it, not understanding what the audience fans and others want/expect and intentionally the 'you like these things well we aren't giving them to you' and then wonder why it fails.

We'll have to see what other reviews are when they come out.

I watched it, and I felt disappointed with the film. Maybe I was expecting too much. The film is very self-referential, to the point that it feels more like a cry for help than a wink and a nod to fans. An early plot point is the development of Matrix 4 "Warner Bros is going to make Matrix 4, with or without us", with characters discussing what The Matrix means to audiences "Transpolitics!" "Cryptofascism!" "Bullet-time!". The film does have some new, interesting, or otherwise smart moments, but they are few and fleeting. The 'real-world' characters are mostly sympathetic, but the 'blue-pills' dialogue is filled with Internet lingo. There are some interesting, intense action set-pieces, but little that's particularly memorable. It is nice to see the familiar characters come back and you can feel Lana Wachowski's love for them, but in the end I felt let down overall, and like the 2 Matrix sequels, I don't feel like I'll rewatch this film again. There's also a post-credits scene, but don't stick around for it, it is not worth it.
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The moment I was aware that it was gonna have political issues forced into it I knew I wasn't interested.