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kai2: Again, I'm hoping this Matrix film might shake things up a little -- the Wachowskis certainly have the ability and leverage to do so (wild prior success, transgender, etc.) -- but I don't expect much. My gut says this is an installment to try and nullify earlier readings / analysis... <snip>

... maybe it will be amazing! Hope so
Agreed. But somehow with the way things are leaning, it is going to be more cookie-cutter. And the more reliance on CGI that may make things seem more and more fake. Watching 'making of' the Matrix they had the scene where they infiltrate the building to save Morpheus, and it took 2 hours to reset it, and they did the scene like 16 times. Vs just doing action on a greenscreen and filling things in where it will feel more and more fake.

Watching Sargon of Akkad's analysis and commenting makes me less thrilled. Feels more 'Remember when this was good??' and cashing in on that. And we've seen this many times before. And a reason i stopped watching nearly all movies since about 2000, except those that really catch my eye.

I also hope it will be amazing. But I'll wait til the reviews.