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tootbrush: I actually wonder if we're going to get any of the fanmade derivatives in the West. Touhou Koukishin (Ys 6/F/O clone) is up on the Japanese Playism store, so it doesn't seem to be impossible, but...
Man, I'd love to see the two Koumajou Densetsu games (Castlevania clones) along with their soundtracks here.
Ooh, how can i forgot that? I want that too, gimme gimme (Castlevania clones)!
Touhou 14 and Takkoman are releasing on Playism on May 7th:

They ought to be DRM-free, as it says that they are exclusive to Playism for now. There's only a handful of games on Playism that require Steam (always search the game's page there as the requirement is well-hidden), and even though a bunch of games I bought there came with serial keys, I never had to input them to play the game.
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Playism is now doing a poll to gauge interest on which spinoffs/fangames you want to see brought over:
i can't think of touhous without thinking of delicious soft bean paste buns!

Yukkuri shiteitte ne!