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Throws my ears, as I now no longer need them.
^ *throws you a mousepad that feels and a USB that smells, so if you already have ESP and are clairvoyant, you are all set*
Throws a compliment at you for the success this thread has managed to achieve.
^ *throws a fresh, unopened bag of delicious JellyBabies for you to enjoy, out of gratitude for your compliment*
Throws a cream cake in Hooyaah's face.
^ Throws an armful of whipped cream canisters at you, in case you needed to make more cream cake.
^ throws a pallet of lemon meringue pies at you one by one
^ Throws the remaining pie crusts back at you, one by one, after I've slurped up all of the lemon fillings and meringue toppings. ;)
^ *pelts you with meringue, raw dough, and bags of flour*
<-----Throws a pat on the back at OP for making yet another fine little game-----^

(So what if it's not as popular as other games? Quality over quantity, I say. :))

Hooyaah: ^ *pelts you with meringue, raw dough, and bags of flour*
Joke's on you then, as he's a goat. ;D
Throws my scents of touch and my auditory sight. The computer made me do it.
^ *throws my humorous tragedy, useful garbage, and pile of animated cadavers*
^ Lobs a half beaten, half eaten rat over to you. *Pay it forward, please... I left a bag of cotton and lavender inside!'
Throws a plastic shopping bag... and watches as the wind blows it back into my face.
<------Throws Family Guy's God back at ya, with a chart showing how more complex the digestive system is---^