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^ throws the credit card application form to colleagues
^ *throws the instructions to follow in this thread: "Throw something at the user above you!"
I throw a slap upside Hooyaah's head for not realizing he qualifies as a "colleague".
^ *throws a slap at LegoDnD for not understanding the difference between "singular" and "plural"
I thow my teeth into Hooyaah's hand for forbidding us from throwing things at multiple people that include the user above us.
I throw a giant medi-grenade, hitting the above user and everyone nearby, including myself.
I throw Dwayne Johnson's "You're Welcome" song to Dtgreene for taking advantage of the point I made.
^ Lego really wants to boo The Rock
Post edited February 29, 2024 by MysterD
MysterD wants to rock a boo from Mario games.
^ I toss a reminder of which forum game this is to Lego
^^^ I throw the personally addressed credit card application form to a 'Singular' colleague
^ throws a Singularity at KillingMoon, as if I was a Raven with some Software.
I throw rocks and shy ghosts at MysterD for leading me astray.
Throws a D100 to Lego in case they don't have one.
I kiss the die for good luck and throw it toward Gamyr's feet to determine the quality of the rest of my life.