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Throws a Shy Guy.
Throws the Guy Game
I throw an FBI hit-squad to arrest you because 1 of those girls is underage.
^ *throws his Miranda Rights*

MysterD: ^ throws Doom 3 BFG Edition @ Hooyaah
^ Would you throw that code again? It didn't come through.
^ throws it to Hooyaah in Morse Code. ;)
^ *throws a Tango Hotel Alpha November Kilo _ _ _ Yankee Oscar Uniform*
^ throws you a "You're Welcome" in the sarcastic-styling of Coach Campanelli.
Post edited December 04, 2023 by MysterD
throws shooting games box
to show his gratitude
Post edited December 04, 2023 by KillingMoon
Throws a warning sticker for the light gun that destroyed so many TVs, because it shot real bullets. It's just very light and people misread the advertiser.
Post edited December 04, 2023 by neumi5694
... from the back of the mighty Triton I catapult the great Spanish galleon, double crewed by angry pirates. Boarding! En garde!
^ *throws Greek Fire*
^ The mighty Triton casts a mighty spell No Smoking & Open Fire Till Friday with his gargantuan eye...
^ I throw a party........up to the kind user above. They seem like they'd love to have a bit o' fun celebrating :)
Post edited December 10, 2023 by GamezRanker
^ *throws an entire roll of spam-bot labels*
^ *throws some music CD's at Hooyaah